Dear Viewer,

It has come to my attention that time is a precious commodity to you. You are always on the run and always trying to figure out how you are going to fit one more task into your hectic schedule. I know that there are times when you have things you really need to communicate to other people, but you are not sure of the most effective way to communicate your needs or desires. It takes confidence, skill, and a great deal of practice to be able to get your message across appropriately and effectively. Most of all, however, it takes time and energy, something which you feel you don't have enough of at the moment. Lucky for you, I possess all of the necessary qualities.

I'd like to offer my letter-writing services to you. If you agree to hire me after reading my Terms of Service, I will spend time consulting with you, either on the telephone or via e-mail, regarding the situation you wish to have addressed.

I also perform resume review services. Combining that with a stellar cover letter can be a winning combination in today's tough job market.

If you are satisfied with my services, and I'm sure you will be as satisfied as these other people, I'd love to hear how things turned out for you.

Glenn Alperin