A quick note here. Unlike the other two Ann Landers columns, this article was not the title article, and thus the title is rather irrelevant to the topic at hand, so I will not even bother confusing you with it.

Chicago Tribune, Saturday, January 17, 1998, section 1, page 27

Dear Ann Landers: Like some of your other correspondents, I, too, have a "cranial glitch" that makes it hard to recognize the faces of people I should know. My story tops the one from the guy who didn't recognize the girl he had traveled around Europe with for eight months.

I studied to be a teacher in colege but wasn't successful at it because I had such trouble sorting out the identities of the students. So I took a job selling shoes in an upscale department store.

One day, I finished at the cash register and asked the next woman and her companion if I could help them. Both woman stared at me incredulously. It was my own mother and sister who had come by for a surprise visit.

                                                    Me Too in Calif. 

Dear Calif.: Dozens of readers have shared their "glitches," but yours was one of the most bizarre. Thanks for sending it on.