Face Blind Folks

An internet mailing list for people with face blindness (prosopagnosia)

A group of face blind people has formed to exchange information on the internet. We are in e-mail contact with each other fairly regularly, often several times a day but sometimes once every few days. Our topics of conversation have been wide and varied, ranging from such topics as

If you are a face blind person and want more information about our group, please do not hesitate to ask the list maintainers for details. Within a short period of time of sending your e-mail, one of the people assisting in the maintenance of this list will get back to you with all of the necessary details to get you started.

In addition to the few basic details you will be given when you request to join the list, the following guidelines should be kept in mind while participating in the list:

Because face blind people are so small a minority of all people and are not well understood by others, we need to maintain the only place in the world where we can be at home: the face blind mailing list. Unfortunately, this means we can not admit people without face blindness to the list.

However, if you wish to learn more about face blindness, many of us are more than willing to communicate with others about it. Feel free to e-mail us anyway, and we will answer your questions to the best of our abilities, and if you so desire, one of us will forward your questions to the others in our group. (You'd be surprised at the different responses you might get to the same questions.) It is up to the individual people in this list to decide if they wish to communicate with you. Additionally, you may find the Yahoo group faceblind to be an appropriate place to ask questions or get comments from others, both those with and without face blindness.

The primary list owner of the Face Blind Folks list is Glenn Alperin. He can be reached at blankface@earthlink.net He is interested in this topic of discussion because he, himself, is faceblind. Please do not contact him with subscription requests. Those should be addressed to the list maintainers. This helps to facilitate speedy action for all list-related inquiries.

E-mail messages sent to this list are archived. The list archives are viewable by all current list subscribers, but are not viewable by any other person. As such, you should not share information or ideas that you get from this list with people who are not subscribed to this list. Notwithstanding the preceeding, there has always been a general sense on this list that some information gained by being a participant of this list could be beneficial if shared appropriately outside of this list. Therefore, you should feel free to share any generalized information you learn from your participation on this list with others, but you should not share any specific information you learn about other people on this list without getting their explicit permission to share that particular piece of specific information. The list archives can be accessed here. You will need a LISTSERV password to access them. Information on how to obtain a LISTSERV password will be provided to you upon your being subscribed to the list.

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Many other people have put together web pages about themselves and their experiences of living with prosopagnosia. You may find some of their experiences both useful and enlightening.