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Lord Deveraux’s Lady is a story of a young woman from nowhere determined on going somewhere and ends up in a place she never expected. It’s the story of a man who has everything but realizes he has nothing, almost too late.

The heroine is Cassie and right off the bat we are introduced to a woman facing overwhelming and dire odds. She has to follow her intuition and her heart to escape from a calamity sure to destroy all that she is. Cassie finds herself at the right place but at the wrong time and has to grab for the brass ring, no matter that it will eventually put her in an untenable position. Her character is a mix of courage, naiveté and hope.

The author’s descriptions of Cassie’s country ways versus London’s ways were well written and, at times, humorous.

The hero, Devereaux Bellanger was a bit harder to pin down. He’s a rake and proud of it with none of the urges to change or settle down or to be anything other than what he is. He’s a man who always gets what he wants easily and without much effort. The choice he made put him on the spot when he made the ‘My Fair Lady” agreement to change a mouse to a swan. A man seems to always want what he cannot have, even if he did it to himself. The internal conflict is borne through much of the story and I found him to be ambivalent to any change of heart. Indeed at times, I felt that Dev needed to be whacked aside the head. Thank goodness for secondary characters.

Connor is Dev’s best friend and I liked him a whole lot. Connor is instrumental in Cassie’s transformation. In fact, he was well rounded enough for me to want him to get his own HEA someday. Add in Dev’s mother and a few of the servants and the story has a wealth of interaction to draw upon.

Lord Deveraux’s Lady is a romantic tale of two people growing in emotional depth. Of a man realizing that the best thing is right in front of him and of a woman willing to embrace altering her appearance to change and capture the heart of a man. You see, some men come to the altar floating on air, some are dragged kicking and screaming and some need that carrot on a stick for the stubborn mules they can be. Cassie Harcourt is one irresistible carrot.

Traditional Regency Novel
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'NEVER LET ME GO' - Traditional Regency without explicit
sex. Horatio and Bella don't want to fall in love. Nevertheless, their romance begins when they are helped by a matchmaking pair of young, female wards, Jack Russell terriers, some oldsters who are learning that it is never too late to fall in love. The lovers fall prey to a nasty villain and several unlikely ladies who don't wish to accept Horatio's marriage proposal. Of course, there is a

Horatio Tallwood-Smythe inherits a title and two mischievous, female wards. To keep his inheritance, he must wed within a year's time or lose everything.
Anabel Satterly is too tall, too well-endowed, and with a feisty attitude. She has given up on love, romance, and marriage.
When these two stubborn, independent people meet in a deserted lane, they rub each other the wrong way almost immediately. But attraction quickly flames between them, 
Will they ever find each other's soul mate at a friend's estate?


Blaise Kilgallen is a multi-published romance author of nearly a dozen novels. If this novel is an example of her work, then hopefully there will be more to come. A writer of romantic fiction, both historical and contemporary, her novels are both “hot” and “sweet.” I note Ms Kilgallen also creates her own book covers, which is an extension of her creativity. 

email her at BlaiseKilgallen@earthlink.net or visit her online - http://home.earthlink.net/~karmajones03/index.html

Suzie -- 4.5 enchantments



What a wonderfully written tale of first chances at love. Both the main characters, for their own reasons, believe they will never find that one special person. Bella with her self doubts and low self image struggles with the idea that someone will never be attracted to her. Horatio, with his military background, has come to believe love is really nothing more then a myth. The characters are very well written, and absolutely believable. This story was one of those rare tales that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end of the book. I really enjoyed reading it, and would absolutely recommend it!

LeeAnn - 4 cups

Coffee Time Romance Reviews


This is only the beginning of a merry romp that involves three bride candidates, a conniving fortune hunter, mischievous twins, a map of Egyptian treasures, a most charming rakish earl, and a secondary romance. Poor Horatio and his plans for a business-like marriage wife with none of that romantic folderol! He's met his match in the voluptuous, innocent, six-foot Anabel, who had given up hope of marriage, and would certainly not put herself in the hands of a man without love. But what about the sexual tension crackling the air between them? That's part of the fun. However, if you like good stories about likeable characters, you'll want to read NEVER LET ME GO.

Jane Bowers

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I term "A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS" a wicked Regency.
The love scenes in here are more explicit than found in a traditional Regency, however, the story has a 'traditional' Happy Ending!

This is an intriguing story with lots of clever twists in the plot and there are a few surprises in the later chapters.

Altogether a very satisfying read.

Blaise Kilgallen is not an author I had heard of before but I will certainly look for other books by her after reading this one. I really enjoyed her writing style and can recommend this book very much.
5 roses - A Romance Review by Mary

A Temporary Governess is about Aristocrates, about their way of life, with or without scrupules. Blaise Kilgallen has written a sweet love story, with lots of passion in it. Passion, love, seduction and betrayal. The author writes in a way that is, for me, difficult to describe but special and very good. While I was reading this book, I was thinking of Jane Austen, Blaise Kilgallen has the same heart-touching, beautiful way of writing. If you love romance, then you will adore this book!


4 flags


A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS begins in London in Georgianna's bed and that is just the first of its explicit sex scenes. It is, indeed, a wicked Regency. Take out those scenes and what's left is an enjoyable traditional Regency romance with a spunky, likable heroine who gives loving attention to a neglected little girl and hero who has everything but happiness. I debated whether A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS's review might better belong at RRT's sister site, RRTErotic. But the sex is no more erotic than what's found in mainstream romances these days, and it does show how Alex has filled his life with meaningless pleasure the last several years. So if you enjoy spicy romance or if you skip over the warmer details, you'll find much in A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS to satisfy.

Jane Bowers
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