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Alexander Warner, Marquess of Chester, indulges In pleasure daily. A former courtesan, the Countess of Devon, Georgianna Ponsonsby, Is Alex's latest mistress.She plans to snag Alex as her next husband when the old earl expires. Her (undisclosed) half sibling, Frederic Black, and Alex become bosom buddies.

Betrayed by his wife before she even marries Alex, he's older and wiser now, and will not to fall into the parson's mouse trap again. Not fond of his wife's illegitimate daughter, Alex allows Emma Prittchet to bring up the girl.  Rude and spoiled, young Beatrice is at first able to intimidate her governess. 

Freddy Black is a scoundrel of the first water. Attempting to seduce Jane, he totally frightens her. Given permission to visit her childhood friend, Jane blurts out her problems to Clarissa who convinces Jane that Clarissa should take her place as a substitute governess for a month until Jane finds a new job. 

Clarissa is hired under an assumed name.

Out riding one morning with Beatrice, Clarissa's horse stumbles.  She meets Alex for the first time and is saved when the earl, riding nearby, saves her from harm.  

                One night Clarissa is grabbed and pulled Iito an empty room across the dark hallway where she is thoroughly kissed by someone.  She is unaware that it was Alex, totally foxed, who had grabbed her thinking he's found a willing bed partner at his orgies.

Freddy Black now begins his pursuit of Clarissa who is sure he's the man who kissed her. When he continues to plague her, she pulls out a pistol and confronts him. Freddy backs down and leaves.

Meanwhile, Clarissa and Lady Beatrice become friends. One day she meets Daniel DeLand, the marquess' cousin. He's caretaker of the Priory's library. He inquires about Jane's whereabouts and her health. It dawns on Clarissa that Jane once mentioned Daniel to her.

Clarissa finds ways to keep Beatrice interested in her lessons when a caged budgerigar is allowed to stay in the schoolroom while they try to tame and teach the bird to speak.

The marquess visits the schoolroom. He comes primarily to see Clarissa, but he is also intrigued by attempts to train the little bird.

Since Alex can't forget the alluring kiss he stole from Clarissa, he steals a few more.  She experiences new emotions and stirrings she can't forget while in his embrace and his passionate kisses.

 Alex leads Clarissa willingly to a sheltered gazebo where she lets him make love to her. She falls in love with him but is certain their relationship is doomed.

When Beatrice and Clarissa use Alex's training track for a race, the girl is badly injured and remains unconscious.

Freddy shows up again, drunk in Clarissa's room, and she grabs the pistol again. When he persists, she shoots him. He collapses. Panic stricken, she runs to Alex for help. Freddy is alive but wounded. When Alex discovers his friend's uncouth behavior, Alex sends him away permanently.

Clarissa then leaves the Priory. 

With Freddy gone for good, Jane decides to return as governess. She and Daniel DeLand are about to marry. Suddenly Alex shows up at the vicarage. Clarissa and Alex's private meeting quickly turns to heated desire and lovemaking.





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A REGENCY with lots of spice!




Temporary Governess is about English Aristocrats, about their way of life, with or without scruples. Blaise Kilgallen has written a sweet love story, passion, love, seduction and betrayal. The author writes in a way that is, for me, difficult to describe but special and very good. While I was reading this book, I was thinking of Jane Austen, Blaise Kilgallen has the same heart-touching, beautiful way of writing. If you love romance, then you will adore this book! 


4 Flags by Euro Reviews




This is an intriguing story with lots of clever twists in the plot and there are a few surprises in the later chapters. Altogether a very satisfying read.

Blaise Kilgallen is not an author I had heard of before but I will certainly look for other books by her after reading this one. I really enjoyed her writing style and can recommend this book very much.

5 Roses

Mary - A Romance Review




A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS's review might better belong at RRT's sister site, RRTErotic. But the sex is no more erotic than what's found in mainstream romances these days, and it does show how Alex has filled his life with meaningless pleasure the last several years. So if you enjoy spicy romance or if you skip over the warmer details, you'll find much in A TEMPORARY GOVERNESS to satisfy.

Jane Bowers
Romance Reviews Today