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The Reluctant Duke - Excerpt & Reviews
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A Victorian Sizzler 

After inheriting an English title when his cousin and his family are believed lost at sea, Antonio de las Torres Thorndyke has no current wish to marry. His life is in Spain where he breeds and trains his magnificent Andalusian equines in the art of Haute Ecole while living with his family in their estancia.
Young, a recent widow, Caroline Lockler's marriage was arranged by her dying father to his middle-aged friend so she'd be taken care of. Her short-lived marriage was never consummated before her husband is killed in a riding accident.
Caroline and Antonio meet in England after eight years pass, when both were quite young. An unexpected attraction between them flares up almost immediately.
Will Caroline's hopes for love and romance re-emerge in the passion she sorely missed in her marriage?
Will her devastating neighbor, the new Duke of Weston--a devilish rake--be the man to teach her how to love from the boy she fantasized about for the past eight years?



Just then, Ripley, the Crestwood butler, opened the double doors to the salon and announced in his most distinguished, robust tones, “His Grace, the Duke of Weston and Lady Briella Thorndyke.”

Conversation abruptly ceased. All eyes focused on the doorway. Hal quickly stepped forward to greet their guests of honor.

A minor shock sparked through Caroline when she pivoted and spied the Spaniard. He wore evening dress as if he were born to it. But then, what did she expect? He was an English duke, a peer of the realm, just beneath royalty, no longer a callow, moody, Spanish youth.

He was quite disturbing, poised in the doorway like a hawk ready to choose his prey, and more dangerously masculine than she remembered, if that were possible. He needed only to enter a room to set the atmosphere buzzing. Instinctively, Caroline knew she wasn’t the only female who took notice. She, nevertheless, was determined to ignore her mounting nervousness.

The duke’s snowy, ruffled shirt and elegant cravat contrasted against the honey-bronze of his skin. Emerging from his jacket’s sleeves, ruffled lace edged his cuffs. His white brocade waistcoat was embroidered with gold and silver threads and fastened with what appeared to be real gold buttons.

His dark, arresting countenance took Caroline’s breath away. Her lungs emptied while she braced herself to meet him again. Taking a deep breath, she rose slowly, forcing her legs to move and follow her brother to greet their guests. She felt her pulse rate accelerate as she approached Antonio and his sister. The Spaniard’s ebony hair resembled a blackbird’s shiny feathers, cut short and barbered in the current fashion. A deep widow’s peak drew Caroline’s eyes even as his teeth flashed in a haughty smile of greeting.

There was absolutely no doubt in her mind that the Spaniard was more formidable now than when he was younger.


5 Angels from "Fallen Angel Reviews"
There are sexual encounters, and they do get described – though not in graphic, modern language. Blaise Kilgallen has written a fabulous historical tale, with a fairly smooth plot flow, plenty of character development and an unforeseen twist that will keep you happily reading.
Romance Junkies gave The Reluctant Duke 4 Stars

Told amidst the ever changing scenery of nineteenth century Spain, England and Ireland, Blaise Kilgallen takes us on a lady's tender revival from depression to sexual fulfillment to love. Wonder if there will be another story for Antonio's feisty sister Briella, and the intriguing half Irish noble, Terence Kilburn.



To say that the book was fast-paced and exciting would be an understatement. I loved this book! There is no way to tell parts of the story without wanting to tell more and more (which would be an injustice because nothing should keep you from reading it for yourself!) The best I can say is to read it and expect to be surprised and then expect even more! Ms. Blaise Kilgallen, in my opinion, has a big hit on her hands; I would read anything with her name on it.

Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Brenda Talley

Four Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Blaise Kilgallen draws the reader into the 1800’s with her detailed descriptions and easily apparent knowledge of the period.  From believable dialogue to the beautiful settings, Ms. Kilgallen takes you back in time.  


 Antonio is filled with a bit of arrogance and a domineering attitude, so when Caroline at first rebuff’s his advances, he is immediately intrigued.  Their public encounters are filled with fiery tension and confrontation, while their private liaisons are rife with carefully restrained passion.  The cast of secondary characters created by Ms. Kilgallen leaves the possibility of additional books and I for one look forward to any future publications by this author.