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5 Angels-Review by Naomi

 ... a highly erotic tale; the historical setting adds a dimension of manipulation and naivete, which makes the sex seem more shocking. Watching a man without hope slowly reassess his inner spirit and come to a point where he is able to fall in love was the highlight of this book. The eroticism is explicit, but entirely natural and realistic. The language is occasionally coarse, but it is not inappropriate because it is attributed to the characters’ past vocations. Readers who enjoy Susan Johnson and Robin Schone are sure to find Blaise Kilgallen’s Carnal Pleasures to their liking. A definite keeper for this reader.

*   *   *   *   *

Enchanted In Romance-4 Unicorns-Review by Kaleen Cooper


 Love conquers all in this erotic love story by Blaise Kilgallen. The author promises the reader love, adventure, hot steamy sex scenes, and a daring rescue by the hero. I couldn’t put the book down until I read it from start to finish. It kept getting better and better as it went along. If you like spicy historical romances, be sure to keep on the watch for this delightful story.


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Just Erotic Romance Reviews-4 Stars-Review by Dani Jacquel

Carnal Pleasures seems accurate for the times, both in some expressions and in much of the characters' actions. Griff wasn't the perfect hero, and Dulcie wasn't the ravishing beauty hidden under plain clothing. The sex was sensual and hot. The Countess was thoroughly selfish and cruel. Dulcie and Griff weren't just another hero and heroine, but individuals with quirks and lack all their own. This wasn't your typical Regency, but I enjoyed reading it. The story itself flowed smoothly as any and kept my interest pinned once I started it. I'd suggest Carnal Pleasures to anyone wanting a dramatic erotic regency.

*   *   *   *   *

Just Erotic Romance Reviews-4 Stars-Review by Aggie Tsirikas

Griffith’s character develops convincingly, as does Dulcie’s and you’re able to understand why this young man made a devil’s bargain and such a dishonorable agreement with Agina Trayhern. Seeing Dulcie Trayhern develop and become a stronger person as a result of her experiences was also entertaining and kept me glued to the pages of this book. Dulcie develops from a nave girl into a more experienced and confident woman. There is much to enjoy about Carnal Pleasures, especially some really hot scenes and the detail and setting in this Regency romp under the wonderful writing skills of Blaise Kilgallen.

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Can a canine bring about a truce between two untrusting lovers?

A wicked, erotic, full length, Regency romance set in early1800 England, Lt. Griffith Spencer, once a full-fledged libertine, is “drummed out” of Wellington’s army as a pervert. He agrees to act as male escort/whore for Countess Eberley. When she ups the ante on their original agreement, he is commanded to seduce and marry the countess’s stepdaughter.

Lady Dulcina Trayhern is the only child of the deceased Earl of Eberley. Her closest companion is her dog, Simon. Forced to visit London by her stepmother to seek a husband, Dulcie and Griff are thrown together under the roof of the wicked Countess. Attraction between the two flares into an uncontrollable passion when they are slipped a powerful love potion. Before they marry, Griff heads for the Peninsula again to reclaim his honor, and Dulcie escapes London to her father’s country estate.

Devising a way to get rid of Dulcie, Countess Eberley and her lesbian lady’s maid, Emma Trent, follow Dulcie to Surrey, there, to do away with her before the marriage deadline is reached as spelled out in the Earl’s will.


Meanwhile, badly wounded, Griff is sent to an overcrowded London hospital where he must recuperate or die. Can he overcome fever and hallucinations quickly enough to save the girl he now knows he loves? Will Dulcie forget that she believes Griff is in cahoots with the Countess and forgive him for his lies and seduction? 


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