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Wild Knights - Excerpt & Reviews
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As the tension between them grew, the air sizzled  until... 


“Let’s go.”

The short ride back to her house lengthened in silence. Finally, Evan flipped on the car radio. Nevertheless, a latent tension between them seemed to grow and expand the closer they got to Carla’s street. Thoughts whirled in her head; butterflies cavorted in her solar plexus. Fingers meshed tight together where they lay in her lap.

Evan suddenly grabbed one of her hands, pulling on it. The Caddy’s automatic shift was on the steering post, so nothing hindered her slide across the wide front seat, close to his side. He dragged their linked hands against his swollen cock. Carla realized the heat emanating from the bulge in his jeans was almost enough to fry an egg.

 As he pulled the Caddy to a standstill in front of Carla’s address, Evan hit the button that raised the convertible roof. When the hood snapped shut, Evan released her hand, snapping the mechanism into place. Then he turned toward her.

“I’ve been waiting all night for this,” he said. His voice was deep and heavy with intent. He pulled her toward him, wrapped his brawny arms around her, and started kissing her.

Carla had never been kissed quite this way, with such burning intensity. When she had been younger and more na´ve, she had been frightened and disgusted the first time Billy french-kissed her, and she had pulled away from his ravishing tongue. But he’d coaxed her, telling her that “real” men kissed like that, so she’d let him. And she’d learned to like it.

Evan’s experienced kisses were anything but disgusting. Carla told herself to relax, get used to the feel of a man holding her in his arms with his tongue in her mouth again. Her hands slowly crept higher and slipped under the long hair brushing his shoulders to clasp the warm skin on his big neck.

His kisses sucked everything out of her mouth, including her tongue. Carla fought to catch her breath as their mouths opened wide, tongues meshing with each other, feverishly licking and tasting as if they couldn't get enough. Raw, hungry groans and soft murmurs built inside the Caddy as the air grew hotter and more intense by the minute.

Evan felt Carla responding; she kissed like a pro. He was convinced she wanted sex as much as he did. Damn, she was hot! His cock was big and hard as a rock already. When he’d met her in the parking lot, something about her caught his eye, something more than her cute, wiggling ass and her boobs, something about her he couldn't forget. When she met him at the door, he told himself this was gonna be some great night. Carla wore the look of a woman who wanted to be fucked. Evan liked that; he loved women who didn't tease but knew what they wanted and found ways to get it. He’d accommodate them, one and all. He wanted nothing better than a wild partner clawing at his zipper, trying to get at his pecker.

He widened his mouth and covered hers. She pushed her tongue in and rolled it around his teeth. He loved this kind of foreplay. Holy shit! He was on fire with lust for this babe. He never jumped a woman’s bones on a first date, but Carla was driving him up a wall. The way things were going, he damn well couldn't hold back.

“C’mon, sweet,” he coaxed. “Let yourself go.” He growled low in his throat, turning to nuzzle her earlobe, nibbling around its edge, and pushing his tongue into the opening. His hands moved up and down Carla’s slender spine while he dragged her cotton top out of her pants. When he laid his big palms against the velvet of her skin, she was warm and pliant beneath his touch. Raising the hem of her shirt higher, Evan caressed her, taking his time, making love to her womanly hips, slender torso, and lush breasts. He felt her jerk just a little, but she didn’t stop him from unhooking her bra. When he let the bra droop away from her flesh, unheeded, the weight of her breasts fell into his waiting palms. He squeezed the soft mounds of flesh and thumbed across the hardened tips. His blood pressure soared as his erection pulsed, fighting the restraint of his tight jeans. He was sure Carla Moore was putty in his hands.

Carla swallowed hard, resting her forehead against his shoulder, letting him do what he wanted because all of it felt so wonderful. It had been a long, dry, agonizing spell without a real man to make love to her. She was still uncertain if she could go through with what she intended, but she wanted to. Oh yeah! She wanted to all right, but she’d have to screw up her courage first.

He kept squeezing gently, rubbing a nipple bit harder. Finally, he heard a small, audible sound of pleasure escape from her. He bent and kissed her nape, got a whiff of her flowery perfume, and lapped her skin with the tip of his tongue.

If I’m gonna get it, it won’t be in the front seat of the car like a wham-bam-thank-you-m’am fuck job, he thought. I’ll give her what she wants. I want her wild in bed; creamy, wet and naked--and begging me to give it to her.

He broke away from her. “Let’s go inside. Give me your key.”

Aching with need, almost hypnotized by Evan's kisses, Carla fumbled in her purse for the bunch of keys. She handed them to him.

He got out of the car and closed the door very gently before coming around to her side to help her out. Feeling her tremble, he saw Carla’s anxiety and wondered at it. Still, she didn’t stop him as he escorted her up to the front door and finally, jammed a key in the lock.

“Be careful,” she remembered to say. “Don’t let the cat out.”

He turned the doorknob and pushed it open just enough so both of them could squeeze inside. The house was dark. He shut the door behind them and grabbed her again.

This kiss was longer than the one in the car. Carla dug her hands under his T-shirt, smoothing her palms over his ribs and back. Her short fingernails raked over skin covering the hard muscles beside his spine, felt no flab. He was like touching heaven: warm, delicious, male flesh. She pressed closer, their bodies glued together from shoulders to knees, his prominent erection pushing into her belly.

“Where’s your bedroom, Carla?” His deep baritone whisper was low and urgent. “Don’t turn on the lights. Just show me.”

“I-It’s upstairs. C’mon.” Carla led the way to the large feminine-looking bedroom with its ruffled bedspread and pillowcases. The dim light of a summer moon beamed through a window of the bedroom. Carla paused for a moment, not sure how to start this business of getting fucked by Evan Lupo. Fifteen years ago, she’d slept with her first and only man. Now, tonight, it felt again as if it might be the first time. She didn’t want Evan leaving without fucking her, nor did she want him disappointed by her amateurish lovemaking. She’d been so out of touch with sex. Why in the hell did she let it go so long before finding someone?

Looking at Evan Lupo, Carla knew he'd been in a number of local beds and probably had lots of practice. She had gazed into his eyes at the Pub; they were dark and more exciting then any she'd seen for sometime. He had bedroom eyes that, at the drop of a hat, would erase a woman’s inhibitions and have her shedding her clothes in seconds flat. His eyes reminded her of pools of delicious, melted chocolate.

Evan was the reason she decided to do herself a favor. But at this minute, her courage was wavering. She was 37 years old, for God’s sake, even if he didn’t know it. He had to be almost ten years younger. What if he laughed at her?

“I’m not sure I can do this,” she said in a tiny voice.

Evan felt as if he’d been dumped on by a waterfall of ice cubes.

For a long moment, silence reverberated between them.

“Dammit, Carla, I’m as hard as a rock. You’re jerking my chain, and --”

“I-I’m not jerking your chain, Evan. It’s only because –“

“I thought you wanted this.”

“I do, I know I do, but…well, maybe I’d better lay it on the line.” She blinked hard. “I haven’t slept with anyone since I was twenty-two. I’m 37 now. I’m embarrassed to tell you that I don’t know how to start this--”

She heard his sharp inhale.

Jesus H. Christ! It’d be like screwing a virgin. And he hadn’t done that in a very long time.

Evan grabbed her and pulled her against his erection. “Dammit, Carla, don't you know you’re as sexy as hell? Just thinking about you tonight had me jumping out of my skin like a hot jackrabbit.”

Oh God, why am I such a wimp? she thought.

“I-I really want to do this. It’s just that I need some…help.”

”Well, then, hot shit, tell me how I can help!”




... Just ... Crystal Reviews

 Wild Knights by Blaise Kilgallen is hot, hot, hot.  Carla’s sex life moves from mundane to marvelous when she seizes the opportunity to do more than just sneak a peek at Evan.  Naive and uninformed, Carla is a willing student in the hands of this master, but Evan never expected her to be such a quick study.  What about the Mafia?  You’ll have to read to find out.  The story is packed full of excitement.  If you like sex scenes so vivid that you’ll need a cold shower, then you need to experience Wild Knights.  It will live up to its name. 


 Erotic Romance Reviews

    Reviewer:  Amber Taylor

    4 Stars


I really enjoyed this story. Evan was a regular down-to-earth kind of guy, appreciative of Carla and willing to help her learn how to enjoy sex and to love again. Carla is a sweet, caring, and naive girl in the body of a 37-year-old woman. Her naivetÚ shows frequently in their sexual encounters. Together, Carla and Evan lit up the pages with great sex and a sweet, touching romance. The secondary characters add a lot to the story, and the secondary storyline with Evan’s family, adds fullness to the plot. This was a great read, and one I would recommend to anyone. 


*   *   *


... The Romance Studio

    Reviewer: Lisa Wine

    3-1/2 hearts 

This is a very romantic, very hot and steamy book with lots of sex. This one will get you very hot. Love the story of an older woman and younger man - it
teaches us that age doesn't matter. All that matters is love. If you want adventure, and lots of hot sex, this is the one for you. 


... Road To Romance

Reviewed by Tracey West


WILD KNIGHTS is extremely sensual and full of fire. If you are looking for a sizzling erotic tale to make you burn, then this is definitely the tale to get!  I look forward to more tales from Blaise Kilgallen.  I am hoping for a sequel featuring Evan’s friend, Raoul!

*   *   *

 ...In The Library Reviews - Sharyn McGinty

A riveting scorcher from debut author Blaise Kilgallen, Wild Knights is sure to thrill. Evan is a hero to die for, at the very least, drool over: a young Italian stud who wants nothing more than to please his lover. It was a change seeing an older woman with a younger man, especially in an erotic romance. However, Ms. Kilgallen writes a beautiful story, and this scenario is extremely believable. Don't miss this emotional, titillating tale by a brand new author. Ms. Kilgallen is an author I will be watching.


*   *   *

...Love Romances

Reviewed by Susan Tam


The author has written an enjoyable tale with likable characters and sexual encounters that were sizzling hot!  In this book, the author has provided enough action in and out of the boudoir to satisfy any reader! 


*   *   * 


...Sizzling Romance Reviews

by Robin Taylor

4 Flames

WILD KNIGHTS is a quick and enjoyable read. Here you have a widow who had been celibate for about fifteen years, until she was seduced by Evan. Evan is just on this side of dangerous, as his family are Mafioso, and he’s been called on by his Uncle Tony to do a favor, which could be potentially dangerous. So, we are not just treated to a love story with WILD KNIGHTS, we also get some drama. For a great read where an older woman finds love with a hot, sexy younger man, be sure to pick up a copy of this engaging read.


*   *   * 


Reviewed by Heartstrings...


Wild Nights is fun, yet it provides the reader with a touch of danger to keep things interesting, and a load of steamy encounters to add additional spice.  Blaise has given is a peek into the steamy dreams of one woman, and how she finally gets the fulfillment that she needs.  It is also a trip of discovery, and the blossoming of a new and dynamic personality that has been hidden for too long.  In some ways, Wild Knights is the coming of age of a woman who thought that life has passed her by long ago.  The surprise that a younger man could find her attractive works to make a story full of promise, and angst.  It is the sure presence of the hero that grabs the attention, and focuses the reader of the feelings of the heroine.  Evan‘s strong character, and the confidence he exudes, allows Carla to actually explore her sexuality for the first time. Wild Knights is one hot story you won’t want to miss.