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I didn’t know how lucky I was when Julie Gill walked into my studio seven years ago, determined to improve all aspects of her ballet technique. She proved to be the most apt and dedicated student any teacher could hope for. We went to work with a will!

It was a little confusing when, for a time,  she disappeared -- it turned out she had some life issues that had to be worked out before she could continue her studies -- and I was completely delighted when she reappeared, ready as ever to work hard to polish that sleek body and those sensational feet, which since that time have become ever stronger. Her technical understanding grew tremendously as well -- I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Imagine my surprise and distress when, out of the blue, I got a back injury that sidelined me for months. I am still being treated for that awful episode. I wondered where my teaching career was going-- down the tubes? Where? And suddenly I saw the answer, standing before me -- Julie!  Naturally!

I asked her to take on some of my students, and she was more than thrilled to accept. Her success with the first four has proved that she is a natural teacher, and  perfectly in accord with my own technical understanding of technique. Meanwhile, she has begun to add to our work innovations that can only improve the work we’ve started together, including using video clips of students work, and larger studios with wider availability for students with unusual schedules. And we have begun writiing a teacher-training manual, which can only help spread the word about our work.

Everyone is welcome to request a lesson with either Julie or me. (Be warned: I may be still under the weather. In most cases, Julie will be happy to oblige!)

Welcome Julie!

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All lessons are given at
Ripley-Grier 72, 131 West 72 Street 
(between Broadway and Columbus)  
New York, NY 10023

Photography by John L. Murphy

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