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From Hannah F. I would like to update you on my progress. By your advice, I have been focusing very hard on not turning in my working leg during fouettes and not forcing it to go exactly to the side (essentially 'faking' the turnout). As you suggested, I practiced at the barre extensively trying not to tilt, twist, or alter my hips/placement. Also, since I sent this email, I have begun to become more dedicated to ballet and focused during class. Because of all of these aspects, I am happy to say my fouettes are much improved! I can do many now (many on demi-pointe, and a couple on pointe), and I was even complimented my ballet teacher on them. So I would like to thank you very much. 


From H.I. My 10-year-old son has become one of the top students at his ballet school. His ballet master says that there is no limit to how great he can become as a ballet dancer. "The other students in his class enjoy ballet but your son is obsessed by it and that's a good start for a dancer”. At his first class at the school after our trip to New York, the ballet master told him almost immediately that he could see that he had taken classes in New York, that his posture was perfect, and that he had to send the entire class to New York. My son credits you with his fast progress as a dancer and says that in a sense you saved him as a dancer.


From K.R. Beth is absolutely terrific. I took up ballet as an adult, at the age of 29. I went to one group ballet class for adult beginners, and quickly realized I needed help! I found Beth, and she proved invaluable to my understanding of ballet technique, and of my own body. Beth is extremely knowledgeable, and has endless patience in explaining how things should look, and feel. I credit ALL of my technique to her. When I am in a group class, many teachers are surprised when they learn I started ballet so recently, and make positive comments on my training. I eventually worked up to dancing on pointe with Beth. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced dancer that wants some intelligent pointers on technique, I would very highly recommend Beth!  


From Julie G. Beth is a fantastic teacher!

Beth spent a great deal of time with me teaching me the very precise technique of every step and helping me overcome hurdles in my technique.  She was able to look at what I had learned on my own and help me take it to the next level.  

I started ballet at the age of 17 and studied with her for several months when I was 20.  At the age of 21, I was accepted into the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet summer intensive and was placed at a level with girls who had been dancing 8+ years.  The ballet teachers and other students were all very surprised to find out that I had been dancing for such a short time because of the technicality of my dancing.  Beth helped me improve to this high of a level in such a short time.  


From Renee D. Beth is one of the most patient, intuitive, and helpful teachers I have studied with. I grew up dancing at San Francisco Ballet School, later at ODC/Dance and finally in the Dance department at Tisch School of the Arts. I sprained my ankle badly before coming to Tisch and had to take almost three whole years off of pointework. I contacted Beth because I wanted someone to help me get back on pointe, and in a few sessions she helped me regain strength that I thought was gone for good.

Beyond being an excellent teacher (Beth was trained to teach at ABT and her corrections to my technique outside of my pointework were insightful and highly productive), Beth encouraged me and helped me to rebuild my confidence in my pointework when I felt I would never dance on pointe again. Beth is a delight to work with, an inspiring teacher and a lifelong friend.


From Heesun K. I have been with Beth for nine months and made progress a lot. Most of my ballet group class teachers told me that I had been trained very well. As an adult beginner ballet student, I noticed that individual attention makes so much difference. I have danced for almost two years and now work on pointe at the age of 44! Beth is an excellent teacher, I highly recommend her. 

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