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The conditions most essential for achieving the basic inside or outside  pirouette in passé are as follows. 

1. The relevé passé.  Perfect placement must happen in one beat, at the moment of relevé:  the hips must be level and square, the tail bone must be down, the core (ab) muscles engaged, the shoulders, hips, and supporting foot in a vertical line until the end of the turn.

2. The movement of the arms. The shoulders must not twist, from the preparatory plié, to the relevé, to the finish. So, the arms must move independently, and must remain in front of the body until the end of the turn. 

3. Spotting. The head must move freely on top of the neck, without tipping to the side, and be coordinated with the turn in a precise rhythm.

Another idea will help you achieve the first three:

4. Visualizing.  Do a single pirouette, and then, without moving, play back in your head a movie of the turn. Look at it from every angle, front, side, and back. You will see the faults. Try it again.

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Photography by John L. Murphy

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