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About Me

My Background

It may help you to know that I was a late bloomer in ballet, beginning in my 20s after several years of modern dance.

Once I knew that ballet was my true love, I went into total-immersion ballet training, continuing for 25 years in New York with the major teachers of the Cecchetti, English, and Russian schools: Antony Tudor, Margaret Craske, Alfredo Corvino, Vincenzo Celli, Maggie Black, Igor Schwezoff, Leon Danielian, David Howard, Finis Jhung, Gabriella Darvash, Nadine Revene, Julia Barashkova, and Byron Mitchell.

I am an American Ballet TheaterŪ Certified Teacher, and have successfully completed the ABTŪ Teacher Training Intensive in Primary through Level 3 of the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum. I have also completed the training for levels 4 and 5. But I do not teach the ABT Curriculum -- I have combined the best elements from all my training into my own concept, which aims to help every student, from any school.

Beating the Odds

Some of my ballet teachers told me early on that I could not achieve this technique, starting so late. They were wrong. I mastered the technique, and danced onstage with the New Jersey Classic Ballet, New York Ballet Players, Ballet Concepts, Ballet Images, and many others. For a short time I lived my dream to the fullest, and soon graduated to the deeply satisfying life of teacher and mentor to those who love ballet as much as I do.

Passing it On

The delayed beginning helped me as a teacher. I remember perfectly what the problems were and how I solved them. I remember what it took to keep going through hard times.

My late, great teacher, Byron Mitchell, showed me how much more rapidly a dancer can develop with a private ballet coach. He gave me the final push to a professional-level technique.

Thus, when I began teaching, I knew that the one-on-one approach was the right road for me.


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All lessons are given at
Ripley-Grier 72, 131 West 72 Street 
(between Broadway and Columbus)  
New York, NY 10023

Photography by John L. Murphy

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