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I've learned a lot in my many years of dancing and teaching, but would be the first to admit that I still don't know everything. This is the reason I often enlist the advice of experts, to help me answer students' questions. Some of the most helpful are:

Deborah Vogel, a neurophysiologist, has many years of experience in training dancers and teachers in understanding the anatomical realities of the moving body. She helps dancers cope with the many individual physical quirks and variations that can be found in their bodies, and has often helped me find an approach that is both helpful and enlightening for my students. I encourage every serious ballet student to consult her website and sign up for her ongoing newsletter at

Lisa Howell is an Australian physiotherapist specializing in issues related to pointe work. She is most concerned about building the young dancer's health and strength in ways that will keep them dancing injury-free for many years. Her Perfect Pointe System is invaluable for all ballet students, and most especially those about to embark on pointe study. She can be found at:

There are many other places on the internet to look for advice and information. Here are some I've found in my wanderings, including some excellent teachers of classes at all levels.

Kat Wildish

Ballet Academy East

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Corvino Ballet

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