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Welcome. I am a private ballet teacher and coach, and have taught in New York  since 1977. I have trained in the Cecchetti, Vaganova, Balanchine, Russian, French, and English schools, as well as the American Ballet Theatre national teacher's training course, through level 5. 

I concentrate on the basic concepts that apply to all these  training systems -- core strength and placement, balance, extension, musicality, strength and shape of the legs and feet, the clean port de bras, and classical lines. This training is specific to each individual student.

My students include children (from age 9), teenagers, and adults at the beginner through intermediate levels; and advanced students who need to strengthen their basic skills. 

Why Private Lessons?

I give my students what group classes can’t: 60 or more minutes of my undivided attention in every lesson. This approach has huge effects in classes,  auditions, rehearsals, and performances. 

Come to me if you want to

• Improve faster in all areas -- pirouettes, jumps, balances, extensions, musicality, foot strength, turnout, or classical form

• Move up from the basics  -- to the next level, to pointe work, or to more advanced training.

Others Who Can Benefit 

• Teachers looking for new approaches

• Ballroom dancers seeking a competitive edge

• Jazz and musical theater dancers working on their audition skills


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Email me from my Contact page
All lessons are given at
Ripley-Grier 72, 131 West 72 Street 
(between Broadway and Columbus)  
New York, NY 10023

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