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Ballet and music are the only art forms that require years of intensive training before the student can perform, even in the most humble circumstances. Wherever you are in your journey, private study is essential if you want to reach your highest potential. 


For Beginners
Acquire good habits early. Remember: practice makes permanent. Doing it right from the beginning will save you a world of trouble.

For Intermediate Students
Understanding the importance of placement, turnout, extensions, and so on is not enough. Achieving them requires work. With work, mastery and refinement are in your future.

Look closely in the mirror. Do you see any of the following?

• Over-arched lower back
• Over-arched upper back 
• Abdominals not firm 
• Turn-out needs improvement
• Feet need better point
• Sickled feet
• Knee bent when it should be straight
• Hip muscles too tight
• Neck muscles too tight
• Shoulders not relaxed
• Port de bras not beautiful enough

Use your memory and your mind to find 3 others

• Recurrent injuries
• Difficulties with long combinations
• Problems with music


Correcting these faults is crucial for beautiful pirouettes, strong pointe work, easy balance, high extensions, dynamic jumps. Not correcting them makes everything harder. 

Again: Practice makes permanent. The more you practice your bad habits, the harder it will be to get rid of them. The more you practice good habits, the sooner you will be a beautiful and skillful dancer.

For Advanced Students
At this point you are ready for further refinements. You have achieved all the basic skills mentioned above. What’s next?

Now I normally bow out, but am happy to continue helping you with anything you still may need. 

Now you need a different sort of coach, one that can help you with performance qualities, roles, partnering, bravura steps and combinations. I know a few coaches of this sort, and will be happy to give you their names.

Good Luck to All!

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All lessons are given at
Ripley-Grier 72, 131 West 72 Street 
(between Broadway and Columbus)  
New York, NY 10023

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