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Many Owners Have Asked Me About Research, Now I Have An Answer!!!

As part of the Canine Behavioral Genetics Project, I was involved with the University of Pennsylvania in a study looking at the gene or genes associated with noise phobias in the herding breeds and  with the cognitive abilities of working dogs.

For updates on the study and future projects, click the link below:

Canine Behavioral Genetics Project

Thunderstorm phobic dogs can hurt themselves severely when they panic. When the owner got home, she thought her three dogs had been in a serious fight. The 2 unaffected dogs greeted her calmly; they were unhurt. The storm phobic dog was panting rapidly, had blood all over and had damaged its mouth.

The Fear is So Severe That Even Pain Does Not Override the Panic


Can you imagine coming home to this and the immediate sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you think that one of your dogs is hurt?

Frantic Efforts to Get Out and Feel Relief From the Intense Fear...



These are pictures of a brass door knob brought in by an owner of a noise phobic dog. I didn't recognize what it was until I turned it sideways. This was not the first door knob that needed replacement. The dog that did this had broken numerous teeth by the time she came to see me.

For more information, visit the Canine Behavioral Genetics Project's website!


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