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"Support Your Local Midwife"
We need YOU to make it work!

We can't do it without YOU ... Volunteer for IFFM!
IFFM is seeking to fill the following volunteer positions.
To volunteer, please contact Jeanette Cole or Colette Bernhard


Database Maintenance Multiple openings. This position will be under the direction of the Coalition for Illinois Midwifery Database Manager. Initial projects include adding phone numbers to our large combined database. Our minimum goal is 3 volunteers.
Time Commitment: Initially, one weekend of 3 hours. Thereafter, an hour per week, maximum.

Legislator Monitoring Multiple openings. Involves googling each of the approximately 200 member of the Illinois General Assembly once per week, to monitor their community events and report to the IFFM Executive Board so we can announce to our members where they can access their legislators at public events. The more volunteers we have, the less time each individual will have to spend. Our goal is 10-15 volunteers for this project.
Time Commitment: Initial time googling will vary, approximately one hour per legislator. Thereafter, 10-60 minutes per week.

Phone Bank Multiple openings. Periodic phone banking is planned, including fundraising and phone-tree calls to respond to legislative targeting. Requires completion of one IFFM Volunteer Training Workshop. Script provided. First session under supervision. Any difficult calls to be referred to IFFM Board Members. We hope to have 15 volunteers for phone banking.
Time Commitment: Varies. Minimum 2 hours per project. Initial training anticipated to take one and one-half hours.

Cookie Day Committee (Starting in late Summer/Early Autumn 2005) Multiple openings. Help IFFM prepare for and organize our next Lobby Cookie Day, set for Spring 2006. Access to aol instant messenger required for meetings. Duties to be described in full detail later.
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings of 1-2 hours, periodic projects of varying amounts of time.

Regional Leader (Starting in June 2005) Multiple Openings. For the more motivated individual! This position requires completion of Regional Leader Training. Duties include regular contact with and motivation of local IFFM members, attending local fairs to "woman" an IFFM booth, availability to local press (except Chicago), providing assistance to local members with legislative communication, and attendance of IFFM events such as our annual Lobby Cookie Day. Membership in Citizens for Midwifery also required. This is an opportunity to make a world of difference! Contact us for an application and more details.
Time Commitment: varies greatly. We anticipate this to take approximately 5 hours per week, with increases at certain times (such as prior to legislative hearing). Initial training time will vary. This is a new position currently under development; we believe training will take 1-3 months, depending on time spent doing self-study.


Newsletter submissions Each IFFM newsletter includes an article written by an IFFM member, related to that issue's theme. If you like to write, let us know! We are also seeking submissions for our soon to be unveiled Children's Section, including coloring pages, puzzles and any other creative ideas you might have. Artwork always welcome for our newsletter. Also, pertinent quotes always sought.

Story Bank Sumissions Submit your story for IFFM to store and use in the future for newspaper stories. Check back for more details later.

...born at home... a project to personalize the idea of home birth This is a photo display board for use at community and professional events. We need your photos of home born people who were either born in Illinois or now reside in Illinois. All ages welcome. Send email submissions to or via regular mail to

IFFM born at home project
P.O. Box 134
Bellflower, IL 61724.

Library Displays The International Day of the Midwife is in May. This is a perfect opportunity to ask your library for space to do a display or bulletin board about, the Midwives Model of Care, CPMs and IFFM. Email IFFM super-volunteer, Sarah, for assistance with creating your display.

Let us know what you think could help improve our efforts!

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