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Many mothers have been "saved" from an unnecessary obstetrical intervention by the following people/groups, supporting licensing of certified professional midwives in Illinois. Below is a listing of our donors and their favorite links!
(Note: this is representational and not meant to have a direct effect on an individuals birth.)

$10,000+ The whole darn labor and delivery wing!

Your name could be here!

$1,000 - $9,999 An operating table

Your name could be here!

$500- $999 Forceps

Peyton Callahan

$250 - $499 Vacuum extractor

Chris & Lesa Bentley
ellenoir Unique indulgences for body, bath and home

James Clarren

$100 - $249 Scalpel

Hilary Shirven, BBB
Certified Prenatal Educator, Labor Doula

Diane Ben-Avraham

Brian Lewis

Judith Kinch

Karen Ehrlich

Gentle Beginnings

Janice Westpfahl

Andy Leverton

Sue Polgardy

Barbara Kozlowski

Cathy Clark

Michelle Connor

Arlene Williams

Karen Ehrlich

Cynthia Hunter

James Clarren

Heather Hilton

Kristy Nabhan-Warren


Bernice Keutzer

Cara Hall

Dorothy Kirkpatrick

Laurie Fremgen, CPM

Zachary Maiorca

$40 - $99 Electronic fetal monitoring

Raven Moon

Debra Lawrence

Heidi Mccann

Jill Davis

Dionna Hunger

Holly Lu Gernaat

Zachary Maiorca

Barbara Schexnayder

Christine Filer

Devin Murphy

Jacque Shannon-McNulty

Emanuel Vlastos

Stephanie Yoder

Andy Leverton

Natasha Gittings

Margaret W Healy

Brian Lewis

Susan Detweiler

Michelle Welborn


Lydia Stuemke

Tanya Mchale

Jean Hall

Debora Boucher

Colleen Marotta

Ellen Richter

Stephanie Senuta

$25 - $39 Intravenous fluids instead of drinking water

Karen and Don Freund

Sue Polgardy

Jessica Thomas

Faith Beltz

Genevieve Neyland

Ellyn Murphy

Cassandre Creswell

Toni Kimpel

Woman 2 Woman Birth Doulas

David Miller, MD

Grace Goff>

Julia Bower, CNM

Jennifer Melenas

$1 - $24 Incomplete hospital childbirth education classes

Elyse Hahn

Heather Hilton

Cynthia Hunter

Arlene Williams

Michelle Connor

Mark Shive

Cathy Clark

Rachel Dreyer

Max Cree

Kelly Kuykendall

Tara Maue

Our opponents have multiple lobbyists fighting against licensing of midwives!
Thank you for helping us keep professional representation in Springfield.

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