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As a founding member of the The Coalition for Illinois Midwifery, IFFM is happy to promote the February 2007 On-line Pledge Drive. Our goal is to raise $5,000 this month. We need you!
To donate by credit card or electronic check via PayPal, please visit the Coalition's website and click on the Donate button in the lower left. To mail a check, make it out to "Coalition for Illinois Midwiery" and mail it to:
CFIM -- Attn: Vicki Johnson
6092 Torchlite Trl.
Loves Park, IL 61111
We have re-hired our terrific lobbyist and submitted SB385, the Midwifery Licensure Act, in the Illinois senate! We currently have enough funds just for this month and must raise at least $5,000 to keep the lobbyist engaged.

We have a challenge for $2,000. If we can raise $2,000 in the next two weeks (by February 19, 2007), three generous donors have agreed to match it, thus doubling the amount! Kimberly & Steven McCarty have pledged $1,000 toward our challenge fund, Vicki Johnson has made a committment of another $500 for the challenge fund, and Colette Bernhard & David Lehrer have promised an additional $500 to the challenge fund. Now, more than ever, your donations will help us to be as effective as possible in Springfield.

You may wonder why we are making such a large expenditure when other states have passed their laws without hiring a lobbyist. We have a number of reasons. First, because of the many years of unsuccessful bills, the Illinois state legislature has acquired an apathy for our cause. Also, Illinois is a much more populous state than many of the states that recently passed a law, meaning there are that many additional lawmakers to contact. The entire Utah Senate was about the same size as just one committee in the Illinois House! With roughly 200 legislators to contact and work with, having a professional has proved invaluable. These factors, among others, have led us to what is considered mandatory for every other profession or industry--hiring professional representation in our state capitol.

Do not let the amount that we need to raise scare you! Many hands make light work. So if each of us does his or her part, we will make it! NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL (or too large.)

Please consider making as large a donation as possible and/or make a pledge for monthly support, bi-monthly support or regular donations. Any amount is fabulous. Every little bit (or big bit) helps!

We pledge to you that our administrative costs will be kept to the smallest possible amount. That way you know that the majority of your money is being used to directly help our midwives!

In addition to your personal support, if you want to go that "extra mile" to help us meet our goal, please consider the following options, (and if you can think of other ideas, email Colette and let her know so she can post it here!)

  • Throw a House Party for the midwives!

  • Hold a garage sale and donate the proceeds

  • Have a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinnerat your church

  • Call at least five friends and/or family members and ask them for a donation

  • Arrange and sell tickets for a hayride

  • Anything else you can imagine!

  • ** Because the majority of these funds will go toward direct lobbying, these constributions are not tax deductable. They are, however, going to a very worthy cause **

    Your midwife was there for you.
    Now it's time to be there for the midwives!

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