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Welcome to the website for Blame it on the Dog. We have samples of our music, we have lyrics to all the songs on our first CD, "Busted" (lyrics for "Will Sing for Food" coming soon") as well as expanded bios, photos of the band at various gigs around the Bay area, plus links to web sites of some of our favorite artists and organizations. This new web site has been made easier to navigate and hopefully will give you a good sense of what a Dogs Life is like. Throw us a bone via e-mail and let us know what you like and/or what youd like to see changed or added. Wed love to hear from you! To purchase our CDs or MP3s click on the CD Baby links below.Thanks,
Kevon, Rob, Phil & Tom
BLAME IT ON THE DOG: Will Sing for Food
(some pages are under construction, so watch out for splinters!)
So you know-we are on facebook. Friend us at The local radio station AM 1710 out of Half Moon Bay, Ca has our music too. You can stream the interview and songs at Hit the Coastside carousel button on the left. Come join us at our next gig. See the Gigs page for contact info. Our second CD - "Will Sing For Food" is a great gift. CD has copies available for sale. The more you buy the better we all will feel. Our first CD is still available and also a great gift. Email us if you are interested in owning a signed copy of this BIOTD CD. send us an e-mail. It will perk your ears up!
We are grateful that the weekly "Acoustic Sunrise" show on KFOG in San Francisco has featured Teresa from the first CD ("Busted") and played Sanctify from "Will Sing for Food". Oh and don't forget to click on our "Gigs" page to find out where we are appearing next. Click on "Music and Words" to hear music clips from our first CD, Busted!.

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