Custom User Bitmaps

Intel provides a utility that allows users to flash a custom image into the BIOS that will be displayed during boot. You may already have such an image on your computer if you didn't put it together yourself. If you want to change or add an image, its possible.

The creation process is quite simple. The following applies to AL440LX BIOS P02 through P09:

For AL440LX BIOS P10:


I'm starting a collection of user images. If you have one you'd like to offer up to the collective, please send it to me.

Click on the image to download the .USR file, which is ready for loading into the BIOS. If you'd like the original .BMP I used, let me know. Make sure your browser saves the file with the .USR extension. Netscape sometimes wants to save it as an .EXE file

Depending on which browser you are using, you may need to right click on the image, and then select "Save Link As." This should allow you to download the file and save it to your machine. If you have problems with this, let me know, as I am still adjusting to the new server.

Don't Panic! Image -- Click to download the .USR file I thought this image was particularly applicable to the AL440LX....

Dilbert Image -- Click to download the .USR file Don't install this image until all of your bugs are worked out.. :)

Powered by Pentium II image -- Click on image to download .USR file
Here is a full screen image for use with BIOS P10...


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