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Technical Project Lead / Application Development and Architecture


Innovative Project Lead with fifteen years of Information Systems experience. Professional presentation and outstanding communications skills, complemented by well-rounded background in several disciplines including Telecom, Oil and Gas, Human Resources, Medical, Manufacturing, Transportation and Warehousing.

Particular expertise in:



Health Care Service Corp. / BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, Richardson, TX(2007 — Present)

Data Analyst in the Enterprise Information Management practice of a large health insurance company, engaged on an enterprise DB2 Operational Data Store (ODS) project. Performed requirements gap analysis, to support generating a verified traceability matrix for Membership and Provider subject areas. Helped redefine existing practices, methods, and formats used in creating source to target mapping documentation, and documented several source to target data flows. Reconciled discrepancies in current state logical and physical data models, and collaborated with other team members to model additional entities and relationships. Resolved changes in logical data model into physical database change requests. Planned and led requirements gathering sessions with a broad spectrum of business and technical users, and conducted requirements review and approval sessions to secure requirements signoff.

Also acted as a member of the Quality Assurance team, identifying source to target mapping and requirements defects, and documenting recommended solutions. Developed ETL jobs using DataStage v7.5 (parallel) for system testing, and executed system test scenarios. Resolved primary and natural key discrepancies on database tables, documented causes of duplicate, missing, and incorrect data, and identified and corrected DataStage coding errors. Using DB2 Developer Workbench and Teradata SQL Assistant to code and debug complex ad-hoc SQL against DB2 and Teradata databases, supporting various aspects of the above efforts.

Process Data Control Corp, Arlington, TX(2006 — 2007)

Senior developer for an environmental engineering and consulting company that sells a suite of environmental compliance applications. Maintained and enhanced a suite of C# and VB.Net / ASP.Net, PowerBuilder™, and J2EE/JSP applications, deployed against Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle®, and Sybase® databases. Backed up and restored customer databases, performed troubleshooting on database and application errors in existing customer implementations, and implemented performance tuning measures on production databases. Modified Java Server Pages application code, and installed, configured, and administered Macromedia JRun and Apache Tomcat java application servers. Used Microsoft Visual Studio to add functionality to C# and VB.Net / ASP.Net web applications, and configured security in Internet Information Server (IIS) installations. Made use of Microsoft DTS, Oracle® import and export utilities, Transact-SQL, and PL/SQL to implement production fixes in customer databases. Maintained and administered a Citrix Presentation Server farm. Identified and reconciled differences between a dozen or more implemented application versions and database schemas, and implemented structured version management practices for both database and application code.

Concentra Health Systems, Addison, TX(2004 — 2006)

Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence Specialist and senior contributor to all Data Warehouse project efforts, at a leading provider of Workers Compensation and occupational healthcare services.

Worked closely with the Concentra senior leadership team to accurately segment customers by revenue, product mix, recency and frequency of purchase, customer loyalty, and participation in promotional pricing programs. Classified product pricing by premium or discount to standard price, price point history, regional and market variability, and transaction volume. Developed analytical models to leverage this data in implementing a pricing initiative, the primary goal of which was to adjust prices by the correct amount on the right customers, to meet specific revenue targets. Performed as both a senior business analyst and as technical lead on the project. Contributed to defining customer metrics meaningful to the business stakeholders. Identified the sources for and aggregated historical Practice Management and billing data, developed OLAP cubes, performed insightful data analysis, and created analytical reports for management. Presented progressively more refined "what-if" pricing scenarios to the leadership team, and assisted in preparing final revenue projections. Successfully implemented new prices in operational systems. Reconciliation of actual revenue gains versus projected gains showed company on track to generate an annualized $10 million in additional revenue, surpassing the $8 million target.

Assisted the Vice President of Information Management in identifying strategic business processes to benefit from enhanced Master Data Management practices. Gathered and staged source system data, and prepared OLAP cubes for analysis by subject matter experts. Assisted in uncovering regional and line-of- business differences in meaning of standard business terms, by mining product pricing and purchasing data. Contributed to defining enterprise-wide standard business terms for company's health care products portfolio.

Part of a team that built a Revenue process-based Data Warehouse, using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS / DTS) to bring half a terabyte of Sybase® source system data from over 100 database servers into a SQL Server 2005 delivery mart. Designed and developed SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) databases and OLAP cubes used in ad-hoc analytic research and automated reporting. Participated in full life-cycle Data Warehouse activities, including defining project roles and responsibilities, detailing project plans and milestones, requirements gathering and specification, logical and physical database design (both relational and dimensional), data flow design and capacity planning, ETL design and development, reporting requirements specification, and implementation / ongoing support tasks.

Took a lead role in specifying the requirements for an ETL solution that implements Sybase® replication for change data capture on the source systems, and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS / DTS) for Extract, Transform, and Load activities. Authored portions of the Data Warehouse Technical Architecture document, and worked with colleagues to refine back-room and front-room architecture diagrams. Conducted architecture overview presentations to senior management, assisted in securing project approval. Performed Data Analysis on source system data, created initial database sizing estimates for staging and delivery mart databases. Gathered update frequencies and volumes from source systems, generating Table Volumetric data and data flow size estimates. Assisting in technical design of ETL data structures, surrogate key assignment and lookup processes, and audit, job control, metadata management, and error handling / notification mechanisms. Defined Logical Data Mappings (source to target mappings), and maintained staging and delivery mart logical and physical data models with PowerDesigner. Developed a strong understanding of the operational systems' underlying data relationships, and translated business data requirements and business rules into preliminary data screening and profiling requirements. Also wrote many Korn shell scripts to facilitate additional data movement and support tasks in UNIX / Solaris.

In other work with Concentra, (as an application architect) designed and developed a suite of reusable framework components that is enabling the move of fat-client PowerBuilder™ applications towards a multi-tier, scalable platform. Using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages and a custom designed Document Object Model (DOM) based XML parser, crafted a robust solution for integrating C# / .NET Web Services into existing PowerBuilder™ applications. Developed PowerBuilder™ Windows that use this architecture to communicate with the .NET Web Services / Business Logic tier, which facilitates data access against the Sybase® ASE 12.5 database. Researched Sybase® ASE 12.5 Replication (Server and Agent) concepts and implementation, and quickly applied this knowledge in designing and implementing application functionality that uses data replication as an integral tool in solving the business problem. Authored Transact-SQL stored procedures and triggers, heeding transaction management concerns and using performance optimization techniques.

Pegasus Logistics Group, Grapevine, TX(2003)

Guided this growing freight forwarder and third-party logistics provider in migrating their core Transportation Management System (APEX 2004) from PowerBuilder™ 7.0 to PowerBuilder™ 9.0 with PFC. Instructed development team members on PowerBuilder™ 9.0 functionality and enhancements, and set up Oracle® 9i development environment, including source code version control. Educated IS group on PFC architecture considerations, and coached them in determining when to use various DataWindow, UserObject, and Window Services. Created new PFC extension layer classes and functionality, implementing coding safeguards and robust error reporting. Created and extensively documented a prototype PFC-based application, so the developers unfamiliar with PFC could model subsequent application subsystems on working components. Also, researched and resolved interoperability / stored procedure conflicts between PowerBuilder™ 9.0 and Oracle® 9i client software. Documented the solutions, and communicated them to DBA and development groups to reduce impact on development schedules.

EganaGoldpfeil USA, Addison, TX(2003)

Provided application integration consulting services to this international manufacturer and wholesaler of fine jewelry. Interviewed users and documented Enterprise Business Processes, to facilitate executive understanding of work flow and to identify opportunities for improvement and process reengineering. Assisted with integrating Accounts Payable (A/P) and Accounts Receivable (A/R) information from ShopControlPro™ Order Fulfillment system to the MAS 200 Enterprise Accounting System (both running on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 databases). Designed scheduled data synchronization approach, utilizing Microsoft DTS for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) steps. Modified Visual Basic 6.0 applications to adapt to changing business requirements. Created consolidated Customer Fulfillment reporting tool, using Crystal Reports 8.5, complex Transact SQL (T-SQL) queries, and subreports. This delivered to senior management a unified view of Sales Order, Manufacturing Order, and Purchase Order information.

Burlington Resources Oil and Gas, Fort Worth, TX(2002 — 2003)

I held two distinct roles while consulting at Burlington Resources Oil and Gas: that of Lead Application Architect in an Application Development group; and that of Data Architect in a Data Warehousing group.

Lead Application Architect

Lead application architect, setting technical direction for a team reengineering a suite of related Revenue Accounting financial applications into PowerBuilder™ 8.0 from Visual Basic 6 and PowerBuilder™ 6.5. Created and documented a version upgrade and conversion strategy. Guided client in tool selection, and in application framework / class library design and construction. Defined project standards, while leading a PowerBuilder™ / Oracle® 9i team in enhancing Powersoft Foundation Classes (PFC) and creating custom application services and business objects (PFD layer). Created application distribution and deployment plan, and configured PVCS and PBNative source control / version control for PowerBuilder™ source code management and change control. Created and maintained detailed design documents and Microsoft Project project plans for this application development initiative.

Data Architect

Also acted as a data architect for a project to address business information and analytical reporting needs of a Revenue Accounting group at an Oil and Gas exploration and development company. Led a small team in creating and presenting an Oracle® financial Data Mart proposal to executive management. Created a detailed Microsoft Project project plan covering tasks from initial scoping through implementation. Determined scope of Data Mart, to include specific source data systems. Specified and defined nature of major project deliverables. Actively sought out and received support and collaboration from other Data Management and reporting groups throughout the organization.

Evaluated competing Data Mart approaches, and chose a feeder Data Mart so it would integrate easily with the planned enterprise-wide Data Warehouse being developed later. Identified ad-hoc reporting requirements through user interviews. Set initial guidelines for an open metadata repository strategy. Participated in tool selection criteria definition. Defined and diagrammed significant elements of the proposed database architecture, including the Transactional systems, Interim Data Staging database, Extract Transform and Load (ETL) routines, and On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) database. Created prototype data models, and outlined Operational Data Store (ODS) needs, and estimated impact on project.

In addition, established documentation requirements and itemized list of project guidelines necessary for each phase of project. Defined project team member roles, and assigned resources to detailed tasks. Devised inter-team communications guidelines and project workflow approach. Finally, recommended specific subject areas in which to seek help from resources with specialized skill sets (e.g. ETL network capacity planning), for devising accurate estimates.

Sage Telecom, Allen, TX(2001 — 2002)

Project lead and architect of multi-tier credit card and ACH payment application, which uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and integrates with existing PowerBuilder™ 8.0 and web applications. Led all project efforts including requirements gathering and JAD sessions. Created logical and physical relational data models (using PowerDesigner 8) for all new and modified processes, from start to finish. Coded complex stored procedures in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / Transact-SQL, including encryption / decryption algorithms for credit card security. Designed new classes, properties, methods, and patterns of class interaction (design patterns). Developed new classes in PowerBuilder™ 8.0 utilizing ActiveX technology, for deployment in COM / ASP or Sybase® EAServer (web target) environment.

MetaSolv Software, Inc., Plano, TX(2000 — 2001)

Enhanced portions of a PowerBuilder™ application to invoke Java code via SilverStream business objects. With senior Java and SilverStream team members, created the detailed Java design for migrating validation rules from the client tier to a middle, business logic tier. Consolidated existing PowerBuilder™ and Java implementations of the Product Service Request (PSR) module of the MetaSolv Solution 5 (M/5™ - formerly TBS™) telecom OSS software.

Owens-Illinois, Inc., Toledo, OH(1999 — 2000)

Project Lead of an IBM DB2 and Sybase® ASE 11 / 12 Data Warehouse and Migration effort. Led mainframe (CICS / JCL / COBOL) and client / server (Sybase® Transact-SQL) resources in technical approach and database design. Resolved project scope with user champion. Facilitated requirements gathering and design sessions with end users. Performed extensive data investigation and analysis / sleuthing of almost fifty years of Personnel, Benefits, and Payroll data in a GEAC SmartStream 6.0 (HR) ERP system implementation. Authored Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) design specifications. Created logical and physical data models using ERwin®/ERX, for staging database and for OLAP database. Identified Primary Key Resolution criteria with multiple data sources from transactional and historical data feeds. Established data cleansing / scrub criteria, by defining domains for many data elements. Reviewed scrub routines (some were written using JavaScript in a tool named CenterStage) for accuracy and feasibility. Also, assisted in Business Objects Universe planning and design.

In addition, as a senior application developer, coded complex stored procedures using Sybase® SQL Server / T-SQL, and robust PowerBuilder™ class objects for enhancements to existing PowerBuilder™ front-end applications.

Akili Systems Group, Dallas, TX(1998 — 1999)

Technical Architecture consultant in the Data Warehousing practice. For a direct marketing campaign being run by Mobil Oil, identified and modeled major data and process flows. Created base relational data models (using ERwin®/ERX). Assisted in fact and dimension determination, and created Star Schema physical data models. Also aided in performing sizing estimates.

As a Data Architect, devised a process to synchronize replicated databases in a legacy data migration effort for Century Telecom. As an Object Modeler, used Rational Rose models to devise an Impact Analysis and Project Estimation methodology and metrics for a securities portfolio trading system project at Chase Bank.

Chubb Computer Services, Inc., Parsippany, NJ(1998 — 1999)

Instructor for a rapidly expanding technical education and training subsidiary of the multi-billion dollar Chubb Corporation. Successfully presented PowerBuilder™ courses, Oracle® and PL/SQL courses, and an Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL course. Guided students through comprehensive lab exercises. Transferred critical industry knowledge to both Client / Server and mainframe-centric audiences.

Systems Source, Inc., Dallas, TX(1997 — 1998)

Marketing representative and consultant for company selling PowerBuilder™-based Year 2000 legacy code remediation tool. Managed design requests and product enhancements. Liaison to executive IT leaders of many Fortune 500 companies. Designed and developed creative marketing and sales literature.

Stonebridge Technologies, Inc., Dallas, TX(1997)

Consultant to Practice Manager of Corporate Education for $100 million Internet and Client / Server consulting firm. Assisted with strategic planning, project management and tracking, and resolving course delivery issues. Created and delivered Advanced PowerBuilder™ / Oracle® / Sybase® training courseware, including course texts and classroom laboratory exercises that made extensive use of PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers.

Kaiser Permanente, Inc., Dallas, TX(1996 — 1997)

Advisor to Director of Applications Development. PowerBuilder™ mentor and senior technical resource. Guided senior management in decision making regarding re-engineering application architectures. Developed application framework strategies for large-scale version upgrade, and created development standards for application development group.

Citizens Telecom, Inc., Dallas, TX(1996)

Project Lead of PowerBuilder™ application development efforts. Created project schedules using Microsoft Project, delegated tasks, and led requirements gathering and JAD sessions. Mentored less senior PowerBuilder™ developers.

BT Office Products, Inc., Arlington, TX(1995 — 1996)

Chief PowerBuilder™ framework architect for a Client / Server development team. Designed and implemented PowerBuilder™ application framework for a national Warehouse Order Entry system, running in a three-tier, UNIX / Windows environment. Used Coad, Rumbaugh methods in design and creation of PowerBuilder™ business objects. Configured and implemented PVCS source code control for development group.

CHA Systems, Inc., Dallas, TX(1994 — 1995)

Technical lead of up to six person telephony billing application development group. Assisted management in strategic planning. Developed strategy for ensuring database independence across multiple applications. Established criteria for selection of an application framework, and developed core components of an in-house PowerBuilder™ class library.

Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX(1993 — 1994)

Designed and developed PowerBuilder™ / Oracle® application framework. Led senior Finance personnel in requirements gathering and JAD sessions. Wrote and maintained Oracle® stored procedures and PL/SQL scripts, UNIX shell scripts, and awk programs.

SHL Systemhouse, Inc., Arlington, VA(1990 — 1993)

Programmer / Analyst participating in full life-cycle activities, including Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Successfully identified business needs, and wrote many proposals, functional specification documents, and change requests. Programmed first in VAX/VMS and UNIX environments with Ingres® tools, later with PowerBuilder™ in Windows. Also did software quality assurance and system testing using SPUFI and QMF, in a Telon / DB2 / CICS / MVS environment.


DeVry Institute of Technology, Columbus, OH(1986 — 1988)
B.S., Computer Information Systems — 3.6 G.P.A
President's list and Dean's list member while in the Computer Information Systems degree program. Completed two and one half years towards four year degree. Excelled in COBOL and JCL programming and lab courses.