Shelby Sanders Frye

1948 - 2004

These are some pictures from Shelby Frye's memorial service September 19, 2004. Although an estimated 150-200 members of his family were there, some could not make it. These are just a few images of the gathering.

This is not a web site, I just quickly posted the pictures. Most of the pictures should load pretty quickly. Click BACK to return to this index. If you would like one of these snaps, right-click the picture and choose Save As. If you would like a full-size original, write me at the address below and I'll send it to you. I'll also be glad to make you a CD of all my snaps. 


The Service

The Display
Jan Emore
Keith Larsen
Jennifer Alexander, Shelby's neice
Sarah Goff, Shelby's sister
Mike Stine, calling for the striker (Download the full-size image (600 KB)
Les Burns
Shamrock Forge is silent (Download the full-size image (400 KB)
The Color Guard

Shelby's brothers and sisters

Other pictures:  The size of the hall - I counted about 150 chairs and many were standing. Some of the crowd.

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 Tom Risser
October 2008




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