Genealogy of the BARKER family of Tadcaster, England
(Descendents of John Barker, who married at Tadcaster in 1636 Margaret Beane)

View of Tadcaster, England (1993 photo by Bill Barker)

Tadcaster, in the county of Yorkshire, England, is an ancient town, once called "Calcaria" by the Romans, who had a fort and mined limestone there from about 100 to 400 A.D. It commands a crossing of the River Wharfe and is about seven miles southwest of the city of York. The surname of Barker was associated in medieval England with one who stripped bark from trees, providing chemicals for the tanning of leather. First seen as a probable relative at Tadcaster is a Thomas le Barker, named on tax lists of 1334 and 1349 A.D. A generation later a William Barker, hostiler, figures prominently on the poll tax for Tadcaster, being the only one of that surname on a list of 83 taxpayers at Tadcaster in the year 2 Richard II (1378 A.D.). Tracing family descent requires church records of baptisms, marriages, and burials, and these only began at Tadcaster about the year 1570. Thus the earliest positively identified ancestor is a John Barker, a farmer of Tadcaster, who was most likely born about 1600 , married at Tadcaster in 1636 Margaret Beane, and who died there in 1672. John left a will naming his only son Robert Barker, from whom a further ten generations of Barker descendents are shown via links from this page. The last generation to actually live at Tadcaster was that of Emanuel Barker (born 1713, died about 1790-7), who moved several miles east to Wheldrake about 1780. Afterwards descendents spread to York, Sheffield, Cumbria, and elsewhere in England, as well as to Scotland, Canada, the United States, and Australia.

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