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We're interested in hearing from you whether you've had an encounter, or just want to make a comment or ask a question!
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Contact Site Coordinator via Email.

Please use the form below to submit any encouter or believed encounter to us. Every attempt will be made to honor requests for not disclosing your identity. Unless you specificly request not to, I will pass the general content of your encounter to a limited number of regional centers to add to their data base of sightings.  

Your Name:
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What other way(s) may we contact you to verify your submission?
When did this event occur? Date/Time: / How long did it last?
Who (by name) was present when the event occured?
Where did this occur? Be highly specific. Nearest landmarks? State/local roads?
What is the area like? Swamp/Woods/Field/Creek/Open Area/Other
What was the weather like at the time?
Tell YOUR STORY here with as much detail as possible. Include ANYTHING you can remember even if you don't know that it pertains.
Have you ever experienced anything like this before? If so, explain.
Have you had any OTHER odd or strange encounters at THIS location or elsewhere before?
What did you do when this happened?
What else comes to mind "after the fact"?
What is YOUR gut reaction to/about what happened?
What has this event done to change you, if at all?
Could you clearly see a head? Face? Eyes? Nose? Mouth? Ear? Other features? Please describe:
If you made "eye contact", how long did it last? What did you think about it? How did it make you feel?
What did "it" do? What did YOU do?
Did you hear any specific sounds? Describe: Did you feel any physical effects on you? Describe:
Could you clearly make out other features such as arms, legs, frontal regions, hind regions? Unique features?
How tall would you estimate it was? What color was it?
How did it walk or run? Describe:
Did it pickup or move anything? Was it carrying anything?
Did you notice any odd, bad, or strange smells during the encounter? Describe:
Anything else you can think of that hasn't been asked about? Tell ME!! (If you think of something else later, you may certainly come back and submit it.)
What did you do when the event was over?
Anything else you just need to vent and get of your chest???
Please make up a short "clue word" so that if I need to verify someone who contacts me as "you", I'll know it really IS "you."
How did you hear about or find this site?
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Indiana Bigfoot Awareness  is an ad-hoc, not-for-ANY-PROFIT,  believe-it-if-you-want-to-or-not website for Hoosiers or anyone else who cares to report a sighting or encounter. While any report to this site IS checked out before posting, I nor anyone else can be held responsible for verifying that in fact that everything posted here or at any linked site can be held as completely true or real. While I certainly believe Bigfoot/Sasquatch is real, neither this site or any other currently on the web has any form of concrete proof.
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness  is a "No Kill" website as it pertains to the intentional hunting or killing of a Bigfoot/Sasquatch.
This site created Sat. Oct. 25, 2003.

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