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(1)  1970's  Report (verbal to me) of family in Claypool, IN. sees large hairy, upright creature walking out of woods across field and away.
(2)  1970's  Reports in local newspaper of large bi-pedal tracks found after finding trash cans messed with; Silver Lake, IN.  -told to me by lifetime area resident
(3 &4) Late 70's  Farmer's son outside Warsaw, IN. sees large hairy creature in woods while hunting.  2nd time sometime later in rearview mirror while driving on family farm outside Warsaw, IN.  -given verbally to me
(5) 1972  Unknow/Unexplained Screams Report near Mentone, IN from the GCBRO Website
(6) Late 70's / Early 80's  Two Teens See Black Bigfoot Pulling Up Corn - from the GCBRO Website
(7)  80's - early?-  18 year old with car load of friends has large hairy man-like creature run across road in front of car on Bowser Rd. near Syracuse, IN.
(8)  90's - early to mid -  Then, early teen male, claims a very wet large Bigfoot came into his yard and touched him on upper arm/shoulder. Left a wet place on his shirt. He turned around, saw the creature and ran into his house and locked door.
  --  TWO NEW REPORTS  -- 
1984 Yellow Creek Lake (south western Kos.Cnty) where boy in boat sees a Sasquatch up to waist in lake pulling water up to his face.
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                   I.B.A.G. Report #0002-2006

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Indiana Bigfoot Awareness  is an ad-hoc, not-for-ANY-PROFIT,  believe-it-if-you-want-to-or-not website for Hoosiers or anyone else who cares to report a sighting or encounter. While any report to this site IS checked out before posting, I nor anyone else can be held responsible for verifying that in fact that everything posted here or at any linked site can be held as completely true or real. While I certainly believe Bigfoot/Sasquatch is real, neither this site or any other currently on the web has any form of concrete proof.
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness  is a "No Kill" website as it pertains to the intentional hunting or killing of a Bigfoot/Sasquatch.
This site created Sat. Oct. 25, 2003.

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