Find The Surprises Hidden In Your Favorite Movies!

Reel Gags Book Cover

Think you know all there is to know about a film? Maybe not! Bill Givens' new Reel Gags takes you inside the frame to discover inside jokes, gags, pranks, and secret messages inside hundreds of your favorite films.


Reel Gags complements the Film Flubs series with a collection of what might be called "deliberate flubs," little in-jokes, code words, cameo appearances, and other hidden delights in your favorite films.

Enjoy these chapters: In On The Joke; All I Want To Do Is Act; Friends and Relations; Paying Homage; Talismans and Trademarks; See You Next Wednesday; Where's Alfred?; Name Games; The Actor Did It; Screening Writers; Drawn Into The Picture; Propping It Up; Marquee Marks; Listening For The Joke; and America's Worst Director.

-- Bill Givens