William Wilson Holder, born 10 Oct 1861, son of James Holder and Melinda Jane Halstead , married Nancy LouZella Lary

I'm desperatley trying to find info on the Holder-King connection and was told to look in Anderson Co., McNairy Co., or Sevier Co., Tennessee. William Wilson Holder, born 10 Oct 1861, married Nancy LouZella Lary on 22 Aug 1894 in Arkansas. He died 24 Sep 1952. Daughter, Velnor Veda Holder, born 3 Oct 1897 in Arkansas married 5 May 1920 to William Claude King, son of Andrew J. (Jackson?) King and Sarah Savanna Taylor. William Wilson Holder was the son of James Holder and Melinda Jane Halstead who had 8 other children including Sarah Ann Holder, Bennett Logan Holder, Ezra Thomas Holder, Lela Holder (m Lincoln), Honor Lula Mae Holder (m Smalley), James Arch Holder, Nancy Jane Emerine Holder (m Boyland), and Etha Lane Holder (m Lasater). I have other info on these Holders including many copies of family photos. Does any of this sound familiar. Can you help me? Thanks.

Nancy L King


I have a letter dating 1858 stating that "seven Henson brothers…they all married Holder sisters,

after the American Revolution and they went to South Carolina and Georgia" including our ancestor, William Henson who married Elizabeth Holder. I have never been able to substantiate any of this.

Do you have any Holder women who married Hensons in your line?

Your page is beautiful.



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Cousin Sue Says, O.K Who else is "Shaking my Tree"

World Family Tree Volume 2 Tree 1651.


Dear Bill,

Wanted to know if you could help me out with some info?

Someone submitted information on the World Family Tree Volume 2 Tree 1651.
After contacting WWF, the said it was submitted by a Lisa Evans in Sherman,
I contacted her and she didn't not know who she submitted it for as she
submitts for many people. I want to find out who is searching on this tree
with William Holder at the top followed by David Holder and William Clayton

Susan (Holder) Wedin

posted 6/8/97


Holders' in Greene & Sullivan Co., Indiana, bef. 1844


If anyone else is researching this family, please contact me. Most of this
occurs in Greene and Sullivn Counties, IN

1. JOHN1 HOLDER was born 1815 in N.C.. He

Children of John Holder and Rebecca Secrest are:
ii. FRANKLIN HOLDER, b. 1845.
iii. DAVID HOLDER, b. 1848.
iv. GEORGE HOLDER, b. 1852.
v. WILLIAM HOLDER, b. 1855.
vi. ELIZABETH HOLDER, b. 1858.

2. ANDREW STEPHEN HOLDER was born 1844 in IN. He married (1) MARY
SECREST December 10, 1885
in Sullivan Co., IN1, daughter of Jacob Secrest and
Louisa Buress. He married (2) ISABEL GOAD June 06, 1892 in Greene, IN.

Children of Andrew Holder and Mary Secrest are:
i. HENRY HOLDER, b. April 01, 1887.
ii. LOU HOLDER, b. May 1888, IN; d. November 15, 1977, Poplar Bluff, MO..
iii. SADIE PEARL HOLDER, b. April 1890, IN; d. 1902, AR..
Thanks and Good Luck!


Bledsoe "Bletch" HOLDER

I am looking for ancestors and descendants of Bledsoe "Bletch" HOLDER.
I would be happy to share what information I have.
1 Bledsoe "Bletch" HOLDER b: 1834 Alabama
.. +Elizabeth b: 1834 Tennessee
..... 2 Nancy Jane HOLDER b: 1852 Tennessee
......... +David Richard "Rich" McENTIRE b: 1844 Illinois
..... 2 Sarah HOLDER b: 1855 Tennessee
......... +Ben F. RAGSDELL b: Abt 1855 ?
..... 2 William "Bill" Thomas HOLDER b: March 1857 Arkansas
......... +Samantha HELMS b: 1861 Lawrence County, Arkansas
..... 2 Martha Ann HOLDER b: 1858 Arkansas
......... +William T. "Billy" SHARP, Rev. b: 1856 ?
..... 2 Andrew Jackson HOLDER b: April 1861 Arkansas
......... +Harriet DAVIS b: 1858 ?
..... *2nd Wife of Andrew Jackson HOLDER:
......... +Sarah A. GILBERT b: January 1860 Arkansas
..... 2 Marion A. HOLDER b: 1863 Arkansas
..... 2 Bennett R. HOLDER b: 1868 Arkansas
..... 2 Henry James HOLDER b: 1870 Arkansas
......... +Lucy WASHUM b: Unknown
..... 2 Charles N. HOLDER b: May 1872 Arkansas
......... +Mary J. GILBERT b: June 1877 Arkansas
..... *2nd Wife of Charles N. HOLDER:
......... +Florence BURK, Mrs. b: 1894 ?
..... 2 John "Pony" HOLDER b: 1874 Arkansas
......... +Emma L. McBRIDE b: 1875 ?
..... 2 Unnamed HOLDER b: 1876 Arkansas


Nancy Matthews
Nancy's Lawrence County Corner


James Holder, Born cir 1812, in VA moved to Greene Co., Il

I am looking for James and Margaret Holder from Virginia. He was born about 1812 and she was born about 1815 they had a daughter Mary born in 1837 who married my greatgrand father George Washington Martin in Greene County, 1862.Mary was born in Scott County,Il.If you have any information on Mary that I could get that would be great.I would be happy to give you any information I have.

Jack Martin


Washington Co. TN, to Iowa, in 1850s John Leroy Holder, b. March 1852

The Holder family that I am looking for came from Washington Co. TN
My great grandfather (John Leroy Holder) was born there in March of 1852 or 1853. That info came from his obituary in Nevada, Iowa. His parents died in Tennessee or died during their move to Iowa sometime between 1853 and 1856. He was raised by a Nathanial Bowlen Tucker and his wife Mary. They may have been related to His parents or been neighbors of theirs that were part of the group that moved to Iowa. I have most of the info from John
and his wife Hannah Crooks Booher to the present day.

Steve Holder


Ben Fred, Henry, Will and Ed Holder, father from Stutgrat, Germany, 1861, resided in Ohio



My name is Gregory Holder and have been tracking my genealogy. Don't know
if we are related in some way. All I know about my Holder roots is my great
great grandfather came from Stutgrat, Germany in around 1861 and eventually
resided in Ohio. He had five boys of which I know very little about except
Ben Holder his youngest and my roots. His other boys are named Fred, Henry, Will
and Ed. Maybe there is some connection

Greg Holder



Mecky Holder,

Married: March 9, 1834, Martin Brown, at Greenville, Greene Co., TN

Meeky Holder, b.1818

Married: Cir 1832 Tidence L. Denton, in White Co. ? TN (10 children 1833-1856)

I also need to straighten this family out, can anyone help me on the following ?

Spencer Holder, b. 1788 in VA d. 5/8/1876 White Co., TN, (son of John Holder, b. 1760 VA d. May 1863 in White Co., TN, and ?? Gillentine) appears to have been married twice, once to Jane Holder,b. ? Jellico, Campbell Co., TN d. 3/28/1888, White Co., TN (not known if Holder was maiden name) and also married to Elizabeth Hopkins, b. 1795 in N.C., d. ?


Lutricia Holder, b.1808, d. Ballard Co., Ky Mar: James Vaughn, b.1806 in Halifax Co., VA

Meeky Holder, b.1818, Mar: Tidence L. Denton, b.11/15/1810, TN d.5/1892 White Co. TN

Spencer Holder, Jr., b. cir 1820

John Denton Holder, b. 12/3/1838, d. 1860 Married: Susan Gillentine

Bill Holder

posted May 24, 1997


JOHN HOLDER, BORN 22 JULY 1725, Bucks Co Pa ( Moravian Holders)

Looking for descendants and anyone researching family and descendants of

JOHN HOLDER, BORN 22 JULY 1725, Manataway, Oley Twp Bucks Co Pa
died after 1784 perhaps Surry Cty N.C.


CHILDREN (that lived to adulthood)

1. George HOLDER, born 12 October 1753 in Lynn Twp Northampton (Lehigh) Cty shown on Black List of Traitors but acquited. To N.C. ?

2. John HOLDER, born 14 September 1755 Lynn Twp was a Loyalist and after the Troubles moved to New Brunswick married and had children

3. Jacob HOLDER, born 15 August 1755 Lyn Twp , Loyalist and after Troubles to Long Reach, Kings Cty New Brunswick Married Mary Sharp 9 children (dau Rachel my 2nd gt grandmother)

4. Hannah HOLDER, born 1 August 1759 Lynn Twp

5. Andreas HOLDER, born 7 April 1764 Lynn Twp

6. Daniel HOLDER, born 28 April 1768 Lynn Twp

7. Jesaih HOLDER, born 11 Jan 1772 at Gnadenhutten now Mahoning Twp Carbon Cty, PA

8. Joshua HOLDER, born 26 Feb 1775 at Lizard Creek now East Penn Twp Carbon Cty, PA

The Family were of the Moravian Religion and were farmers

John lived Lynn Twp likely near Kistler creek and not too far from Fort Everitt and present day Tripoli
By 1771 they had moved with the Everitt family to Gnadenhutten and by 1775 was living at Lizard Creek East Penn Twp

As 2 of their sons were loyalists (Jacob HOLDER serving with the Queens Rangers under Simcoe at Yorktown) and a third son George HOLDER being acquited of treason, it is very likely that the Holder family were disliked by their REBEL neighbours.

To add to their problems Rebecca Custer Holder's mother Mary had remarried to William Thomas who was a captain in the Bucks Co. PA Volunteers a Loyalsit Regiment. William Thomas, then over 80, ended up as a Loyalist in St John New Brunswick, Canada

Info to date indicates beacuse of the presecution that John HOLDER and Rebecca went to Surry Co. N.C (now Stokes Co.) where they had relatives and there was a strong Moravian settlement

HISTORY RECORD ON SURRY CO., NORTH CAROLINA, in less than 100 years you could live in 8 different counties, and never moved.

1696 Bath Co. NC created : Discontinued 1739
1712 Craven Co. NC created From Bath Co. NC
1729 NC Becomes a Royal Colony
1729 New Hanover Co. NC created From Craven Co. NC
1734 Bladen Co. NC created From Bath, & New Hanover Co. NC
1750 Anson Co. NC created From Bladen Co. NC created
1753 Rowan Co. NC created From Anson Co. NC created
1770 Surry Co. NC created From Rowan Co. NC created
1781 British Surrender at Yorktown
1789 Stokes Co. NC created From Surry Co. NC created
Glad to share all info I have collected

Robert Moore 77 Metcalfe Street St Thomas On N5R 3#K6




ELI HOLDER +Agnes Pinkley, who lived in Stokes Co., NC 1840, and possible son John Thomas Holder 1852 - 1896

Original post FOUND: I'm currently trying to locate any information on Walter Lee Holder born in Forsythe Co., NC on Dec 28, 1875. Walter was born to John T. Holder and Martha Jane Holder (Warner), both who were also of Forsythe Co., NC. Walter moved to California about 1903 or so.

NEW POST 5/30/97

Walter married Ellen Holder (Ferguson) but I don't know yet where or what year. I'm looking for anyone that can connect Eli Holder and Agnes Pinkley to John Thomas Holder. I believe they were his parents but cannot prove it yet. All lived in see note: Forsythe Co, North Carolina. I have attached a descendant tree outline below. Any help would be appreciated.

NOTE: Forsyth Co., NC was formed from Stokes Co., NC 1849. Stokes Co., NC was formed from Surry Co., NC 1789

1 Eli Holder Abt 1817 - Unknown (unproven, Possible parents of John Thomas Holder)
.+Agnes Pinkley Unknown - Unknown

Timothy Holder 1840 Stokes Co., NC Pg: 143 Bethania Dist 1850 Forsyth
Eli Holder 1840 Stokes Co., NC Pg: 146 Bethania Dist 1850 Forsyth
Daniel Holder 1840 Stokes Co., NC Pg: 149 Yadkin Dist 1850 Forsyth
Henry Holder 1840 Stokes Co., NC Pg: 149 Yadkin Dist 1850 Forsyth
Jacob Holder 1840 Stokes Co., NC Pg: 149 Yadkin Dist 1850 Forsyth
Richard Holder 1840 Stokes Co., NC Pg: 149 Yadkin Dist 1850 Forsyth
Michael Holder 1840 Stokes Co., NC Pg: 150 Yadkin Dist 1850 Forsyth
Thomas Holder 1840 Stokes Co., NC Pg: 150 Yadkin Dist 1850 Forsyth
Martin Holder 1840 Stokes Co., NC Pg: 165 Bethabara Dist 1850 Forsyt

........2 John Thomas Holder 1852 - 1896
.........+Martha Jane Warner 1843 - 1931
............. 3 Raymond Thomas Holder 1873 - 1945
............. 3 Walter Lee Holder 1875 - 1936
................+Ellen Ferguson Abt 1879 - Unknown
....................4 James Thomas Holder 1909 - 1988
......................+Doris Isabelle Brownie 1913 - 1996
...........................5 Walter Lee Holder 1945 -
.............................+Anita Barbara Ciborowski 1947 -
..............3 Jenny Elizabeth Holder 1879 -
................+(Unk first name) Bryant
..............3 Ellen Carolyn Holder 1881 -
..............3 John Wesley Holder 1883 - 1962
.................+Ada Lunt - 1962
.....................4 Earl Holder 1909 - 1986
.......................+Peg Johnson 1913 -
.............................5 John Holder
..............3 Sidney Marion Holder 1887 - 1949

Jim Holder




Fort Holder, Illinois ?

Looking for information regarding William H. Holder who re-located from
W. Va. area to Illinois with the James Ledgerwood party and built Fort
? Do you know of anyone currently researching the Illinois Holders?
I need to get in touch with someone doing that line.

Sarabeth Samoray
Gull Cottage



Thomas Holder, who married Mary Baird from Scotland or England, cir. 1694

Holder family of S.W.Pa. and Virginia. I am terribly stuck trying to find some evidence of my
Holder ancestors in the Virginia - Maryland area mid to late 1700's. I am looking for Thomas Holder (m) Mary Baird presumably from Scotland or England c. 1694. Both presumably died in Montgomery Co, Virginia mid 1700's. Their son William Holder (m) Emma Wainwright and supposedly settled in the Rockbridge Co, Virginia area but I can find absolutely no trace.

They had at least eight children (Abraham, James, John, Thomas, William Jr, Margaret, Laura and Emma). I am descended from their son William Holder, Jr. (b) 1757 who married Elizabeth McKown (b) 7 Feb. 1761 Augusta, Virginia. I have extensive information on subsequent generations but these people are sooooo elusive! They are driving me crazy. The only written information I have been able to turn up is in The Horn Papers, a biographical book which unfortunately is full of errors and considered unreliable.

Family lore has it that one of the Holder boys (Col. John Holder) helped Daniel Boone, blaze the Wilderness trail. A cousin in another state has the same lore in her family. Both of us believe that the Holders were Quakers .... again we cannot substantiate. .

Sarabeth Samoray
Gull Cottage



Sarah Lilli D. Holder, Stoddard Co., Missouri, cir 1865

I am looking for info on my g-g grandmother, Lillie D. Holder/Holden. I am not sure if she is a Holder or an Holden. My cousin and I have been researching her and we find documentation for both. I have a marriage record for her in Stoddard Co., Missouri for March 20, 1886. She married a James Poe. All it said in the marriage record was she had a guardian who gave his consent to the marriage. His name was John N. Rice. I have found there are Holder's buried in Stoddard County. I have this info if you need it. It tells who and what cemetery they are buried in. My cousin claims Lillie was born in St. Louis county. She claims her real name is Sarah Lilli Holder, but can't find the documentation she had. Any help will greatly appreciated.
Ruth Ann Godwin



Eva Gertrude Holder Crabtree Drain, born 5 July 1877 and died 26 Nov 1960 in Afton, Greene Co.TN. daughter of Manson H. and Mary M. (Blakeley) Holder

Hello Bill! Saw your inquiry on Holders in Greene Co. TN Wondered if you have any info on my grandmothers line of Holders. Her name was Eva Gertrude Holder Crabtree Drain. Her parents were Manson H. and Mary M. (Blakeley) Holder. Eva was born 5 July 1877 and died 26 Nov 1960 in Afton, Greene Co. TN. She married (1) Tilman Anderson Crabtree and (2) William Reason Drain.
Any info appreciated.

POSTED 5/17/97


Abraham Holder of Greene Co. PA,

Just today went to Wood Co.WV courthouse for info on James Holder born 1762 in Kent Co. DE, according to his pension application, s/o Thomas and Mary Holder of Randolph Co. WV. Although the clerk was sure he had something on James Holder, he couldn't find it, but came up with a John Holder for whom a James was an estate administrator. The estate inventory was filed in 1815 and there is reference to back payment owed by a Capt. H. Sleed? and the clerk said that this John Holder was probably in the War of 1812. As a John Lewis is listed as one of purchasers at the estate sale, this may be the John Holder of Randolph Co WV who married Mary Lewis, d/o John Lewis.

I've seen in several personal histories reference to the William Holder listed in 1767 in tithes list of John Donelson as being the same William son of Davis Holder in Pittsylvania Co. How can this be? William, son of Davis, was born in 1752, and to be tithable, one had to be 16 years of age, usually a member of a household, and probably older than that to own land. And I've always wondered who are the ten persons listed in William Holder's family in early Pittsylvania tax records? Davis may have more children ascribed to him by researchers than he justly deserves!

Bill Holder reply: I have seen a record on the name Davis Holder back as early as 1704, but I don't remember where. With the naming practices, there was at least 5 Davises by 1830.

I'm looking for a family to connect Abraham Holder of Greene Co. PA, born in VA ca. 1782-90, supposed son of William Holder and Elizabeth McKown. Because Greene Co. is on the Monongahela River which goes into WVA, I'm thinking he belongs to Thomas Holder's family in Randolph Co. Anybody researching that family?

Again, so glad to see a Holder Home Page. Maybe we can get these early Holders sorted out. Good luck to all of us!

Maxine Hobbs



parents of John Holder b about 1800 from

Pittsylvania County, VA.

Mary Salisbury is looking for the parents of John Holder b about 1800 from Pittsylvania County, VA. He married, Elizabeth Smallwood 28 Nov 1820 Surry County, NC, b abt 1801 dau of John Smallwood. They had 11 children as they migrated from Surry County, NC to middle TN. The 5th child, Rebecca "Becky" Holder, b Feb 1832 Maury County, TN, is my 2GGmother. The Holders seemed to be connected with the Pigg Family as they migrated with them, & intermarried with them. Becky married John Clebourne Pigg, son of Clayborn Pigg, whose last wife was Ann Holder. Any clues or help I may receive will be most appreciated. Please respond to

Mary Salisbury

posted 5/18/97


Anderson Co., McNairy Co., or Sevier Co., TN

William Wilson Holder, born 10 Oct 1861

son of James Holder and Melinda Jane Halstead

I'm desperatley trying to find info on the Holder-King connection and was told to look in Anderson Co., McNairy Co., or Sevier Co., Tennessee. William Wilson Holder, born 10 Oct 1861, married Nancy Lou Zella Lary on 22 Aug 1894 in Arkansas. He died 24 Sep 1952. Daughter, Velnor Veda Holder, born 3 Oct 1897 in Arkansas married 5 May 1920 to William Claude King, son of Andrew J. (Jackson?) King and Sarah Savanna Taylor. William Wilson Holder was the son of James Holder and Melinda Jane Halstead who had 8 other children including Sarah Ann Holder, Bennett Logan Holder, Ezra Thomas Holder, Lela Holder (m Lincoln), Honor Lula Mae Holder (m Smalley), James Arch Holder, Nancy Jane Emerine Holder (m Boyland), and Etha Lane Holder (m Lasater). I have other info on these Holders including many copies of family photos. Does any of this sound familiar. Can you help me? Thanks. NLK.

Nancy L. King



William Holder in Bienville and Claiborne Parishes, Louisiana

I'm doing a mini-research project on the Holder family who came into Shelby Co., TX, about 1898. They were in Bienville and Claiborne Parishes, Louisiana, before that. I have found William Holder in Bienville Parish. His son, Levi was also there. Levi's son, Lewis was born there. Levi and two sons came to Texas.

Jesse Holder 1830 Claiborne Par., LA Pg: 241
William Holder 1830 Claiborne Par., LA Pg: 241

Jesse Holder 1850 Bienville Par., LA Pg: 267 Western Dist
William Holder 1850 Bienville Par., LA Pg: 267 Western Dist
Emily Holder 1850 Bienville Par., LA Pg: 268 Western Dist
Levi Holder 1850 Bienville Par., LAPg: 280 Western Dist
Jesse Holder 1850 Bienville Par., LA Pg: 281 Western Dist
Jesse P. Holder 1870 Bienville Par., LA Pg: 026 1 W Arcadia
Levi Holder 1870 Bienville Par., LA Pg: 026 1 W Arcadia
William Holder 1870 Bienville Par., LA Pg: 026 1 W Arcadia


Is this branch of the family familiar to you? I would like to find more information on William and what happened to him.

Would like to hear from you.

Frances Muckelroy




Northern Division, Cumberland County, NC. b. bef 1830

There's a "Leon" Holder listed in most abstracts for the 1850 census, page 128, Northern Division, Cumberland County, NC. That's my Sion Holder. If one examines the actual census document, it looks like "Lion" and some abstract transcriber made a bad guess. The census taker in 1840 used that old style S that looks like an L.

I don't think there's much doubt we have a common ancestor back in the mid to late 1600s. I think Sion's father was George Holder of Cumberland Co. NC and George Holder was born in Virginia in late 1700s, so he may put me on the faster track back to the boat.

Again, very grateful for your kind sharing of information.

Dave Hardin
Hickory, NC



Jane Holder (b. cir 1815 in NC, probably Stokes Co., NC)

I'm trying to track down the parents of Jane Holder (b. cir 1815 in NC, probably Stokes Co., NC) who married Thomas C. Johnson in 1844 in Stokes Co. Thomas Johnson is enumerated with a Mary along with a five-year old son Nathaniel in the 1850 and 1860 census. I suspect "Mary" is Jane Holder; that she went
by the name Mary Jane Holder.

A William Holder witnessed Jane Holder's marriage in 1844. Also in this county a William Holder married Kaziah Chamberlon in 1821 -- about the time one would expect Jane's father to have married.

Have you encountered (Mary) Jane Holder Johnson before? Do you know if William is her father?

Thanks for any assistance.

David Kaiser P.O. Box 491956 Los Angeles, CA 90049



Levi HOLDER, Decendents in Lamar, TX ,Soper (Choctaw) Ok, Antlers (Pushmataha) Ok

Descendants of Levi HOLDER

. +????
.....2 Josh HOLDER
............3 John William HOLDER
................+Seanie May BALLARD b: 1885 in TX d: Jan. 11, 1924 in Antlers (Pushmataha), Ok
...................4 Sarah HOLDER
......................+Hous RAINEY
...................4 Marion HOLDER
...................4 Beedie HOLDER
...................4 Edith HOLDER
...................4 Beulah HOLDER
..................+Mark Elmer WHARTON b: Mar. 06, 1900 in (Lamar), TX d: Dec. 09, 1975 in Soper (Choctaw), Ok
......................*2nd Husband of Beulah HOLDER:
........................+???? MORRIS
...................4 Jack HOLDER
...................4 J. W. HOLDER
...................4 Sadie Agnes HOLDER b: Mar. 13, 1915 in Soper (Choctaw), Ok d: June 27, 1983 in Idabel (McCurtain), Ok
.....................+Maxie Herbert WHARTON b: Apr 27, 1904 in (Lamar), Tx m: Dec 24, 1930 in Soper (Choctaw), Ok d: July 04, 1973 in Antlers (Pushmataha), Ok




Charles Holder, who married Martha Sorensen

A Charles Holder married my great grandaunt Martha Sorensen. She was born in Denmark May 06, 1877 and died in Iowa City in 1956. They had three children: (1) Edna Mae Holder (b. June 09, 1898 in Martin, OH; d. Sept. 08, 1955 in Humboldt, IA). She married Homer Blonker (b. Sept. 29, 1887; d. Dec. 31, 1959) They had two children (Betty Lavier and Russell), (2) Harry F. Holder (b. October 14, 1900 in Martin, OH; d. Aug. 05, 1952 in Toledo, OH). He married Betty Duez (1st wife). With Vida ? (2nd wife) he had one
child, Harriet Holder. (3) Donald Holder (b. Feb21, 1916 in Pioneer, OH; d. ? in Toledo, OH). He married Dodo (Dorothy?) (last name unknown). Two children Rose Marie Holder and Donald Holder.

If you could provide any information on Charles Holder, his ancestors or descendents, I would appreciate it.

Matt Sorensen




James Adams HOLDER b about 1799

I'm looking for connections to James Adams HOLDER b about 1799 and lived part of his life in Columbia Co. GA & died in Monroe Co. GA. Would appreciate anything farther back. Keep up your
good work.

Ginger Dean, 3974 Heathwood Lane Norcross, GA 30092



Tennessee - in Greene Co Mo, by1859.- Christian Co., MO

FOUND HOLDER, Elcana "Elcaney" b: 01 Oct 1827 in TN

My husband is related to Elcaney Holder of Boaz, Christian Co., MO, through his great grand-daughter, Effie Fay Holder Pearce (who is still living). I have not been able to make a connection to the TN Holder's and would like to see if the following information rings a bell with anyone.

I am seeking information on the parents and siblings of Elcaney Holder, born 01 October 1827 (tombstone) in TN (census). We believe his first wife was Winnie or Winefred (maiden name unknown) born about 1837 in TN, whom he likely married in TN in 1853. She died in 1864 in MO at the age of 27 leaving Elcaney with four or five children:
William H. Holder (married Mary "Jane" McBRIDE),
Mary Elizabeth Holder (married George CAVENAR),
Frances (female), Holder (found in census)
Andrew "Andy" J (married Susan H FRAZIER), and
Adeline (found in census)

Elcaney remarried Martha E HART in Christian Co., MO in 1865. I beleive that Elcaney and Martha were the parents of three more children:
Olive Holder (found in census)
Becky Holder (married a HATRIDGE) (found in old photo), and
another child (mentioned in census).

Elcaney was a veterinarian in Boaz, Christian Co., MO. He and Martha and
Winnie are buried in Wisehill Cemetery. Any and all help is greatly

This is my Holder line. They came to Lincoln Twsp. in Christian Co. MO (formerly Greene Co Mo.- prior to 1859) from somewhere in Tennessee.

Do you see any connections? I have a few stories and copies of pictures I'd be willing to share. I am using Family Tree Maker, would you like a GEDCOM or is this sufficient? Thank you.

1 HOLDER, Davis 1750 - Unknown
. +UNKNOWN, Unknown Unknown - Unknown
... 2 HOLDER, Molley 1772 - Aft 1845
....... +PIGG, Paul 1770 -
... 2 HOLDER, Susannah Sookey 1772-1800 - Unknown
....... +PIGG, William 1767 - Unknown
... 2 HOLDER, John 1800 - 1870-1880
....... +SMALLWOOD, Elizabeth 1801 - Aft 1880
............ 3 HOLDER, William 1821 -
............ +FRANCIS, Julia Ann 1828 -
............ 3 HOLDER, Giles 1821-1824 -
............ 3 HOLDER, Jennifer Jane 1824 - Aft 1900
............ +PIGG, Laney 1821 - Unknown
............ 3 HOLDER, Elkana "Elcaney" b: 01 Oct 1827 in TN d: MO,
Buried: Wisehill Cem., Greene Co, MO
............. +LEDBETTER, Winifred M 1836 - 1864
.............. 4 HOLDER, William Handy b: 16 Dec 1854 in TN d: 25 Sept 1927 Buried: Frazier Cemetary @ , MO
.......... +KERR, Mary Jane b: Sept 1857 in MO d: Aft 1959 Buried:Frazier Cemetary @ Christian Co., MO
.................. +MCBRIDE, Minerva Jane 1859 - 1960
................... 5 HOLDER, William F b: Oct 1879 in MO
....................... +UNKNOWN, Unknown Unknown -
................... 5 HOLDER, Martin J b: May 1881 in MO d:1941
....................... +WILLABY, Magie R 1888 - 1941
................... 5 HOLDER, Margaret C b: May 1884 in MO
....................... +FRAZIER, Thom Unknown -
................... *2nd Husband of Margaret C Holder:
....................... +MORGAN, John Unknown -
................... 5 HOLDER, Thomas Jefferson b: Mar 1886 in MO d: in MO
....................... +CHAPMAN, Jessie Mae b: 1885 in MO d: in MO
........................... 6 HOLDER, Lora b: 07 January
........................... 6 HOLDER, Clora b: 07 January
........................... 6 HOLDER, Berthie b: 02 February
........................... 6 HOLDER, Lloyd b: 07 March
........................... 6 HOLDER, Bessie b: 30 August
........................... 6 HOLDER, Nellie b: October
........................... 6 HOLDER, Effie Faye b: 18 April 1908 in Christian Co., MO
.............................. +PEARCE, John Edwin b: 06 Feb1904 in , Christian Co., MO d: Oct 1983 in Laclede, MO
................... 5 HOLDER, Elcaney H b: August 1890 in MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, John F b: 22 Dec 1893 in MO. d: 09 March 1919 Buried: Frazier Cem @MO
....................... +SIMS, Effie Unknown -
................... 5 HOLDER, Hattie E b: January 1897 in MO
....................... +DUNHAM, Burt Unknown -
................... 5 HOLDER, Harry G b: August 1899 in MO
....................... +PERKINS, Berthie Unknown -
................... 5 HOLDER, Unknown Bef 1900 - Bef 1900
................... 5 HOLDER, Jessie Unknown - Unknown
....................... +JONES, Roland Unknown - Unknown
................... *2nd Husband of Jessie Holder:
....................... +UNKNOWN, Unknown Unknown - Unknown
.............. 4 HOLDER, Mary Elizabeth 1858 in MO. d: 1899
.................. +CAVNER, George Washington Unknown - Unknown
.............. 4 HOLDER, Frances Jane b: 1862 in MO. d: 1948
.................. +PEARCE, Joshua 1854 - Unknown
.............. 4 (TWIN), HOLDER, Andrew J b: February 1864 in MO.
.............................. +FRAZIER, Susan H J b: 27 Dec 1869 in MO. d: 18 Aug 1952 Buried: Frazier Cem @ MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Joseph b:Abt 1892 d: Bef 1900 Buried: Frazier Cemetary @ , MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Alfred C b: July 1887 in MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Warren E b: June 1889 in MO. d: Unknown
................... 5 HOLDER, Archie b: September 1890 d: 17 June1899 Buried: Frazier Cem @ , MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, James W b: 03 Nov 1893 d: 15 Jan 1894 Buried: Frazier Cemetary @ , MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Avis b: March 1895 in , , MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Lydia b: 25 February 1897 in MO. Buried: Frazier Cem. @ MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Winefred J b: December 1899 in MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Andrew Ralph b: 21 Sept 1901 in MO. d: 05 Oct 1920 Buried: Frazier Cem @ MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Clark B b: Abt 1903 in MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Edna C b: Abt 1907 in MO.
................... 5 HOLDER, Alice M b: Abt 1910 in MO.
.............. 4 HOLDER, Adeline b: 1864 in MO.
.............. 4 (TWIN), John M Holder 1864 - 1864
........ *2nd Wife of Elkanah Holder:
......+HART/, Martha E /Arndt or b: Dec 1844 in TN d: 1934 in MO Buried:Wisehill Cem., Greene Co, MO
.............. 4 HART, Olive H Unknown - Bef 1900
.............. 4 HOLDER, Becky Unknown - Bef 1900
.................. +HATRIDGE, Unknown Unknown -
.............. 4 HOLDER, Unknown Unknown - Bef 1900
............ 3 HOLDER, Louisa 1827-1832 - Bef 1860
............ +TURNBOW, Hugh 1823 - Unknown
............ 3 HOLDER, Rebecca 1832 - 1902
............ +PIGG, John Clebourn 1820 -
............ 3 HOLDER, Dorinda 1833 -
............ +GOODMAN, Unknown Unknown -
............ 3 HOLDER, S Doak 1836 - Aft 1880
............ 3 HOLDER, Elijah 1838 - Unknown
............ +UNKNOWN, Temperance 1840 - Unknown
............ 3 HOLDER, Noah 1841 - Unknown
............ 3 HOLDER, John Henry 1845 - Unknown

Amy Parker
6911 S 1300 E #353
Midvale, Utah 84047



John Holder, Jno. b: Est 1847-1876 in Winchester, Franklin Co.,TN Descendants of John Holder, Jno.

1 John Holder, Jno. b: WFT Est 1847-1876 in Winchester, Franklin Co.,TN
.. +Mary Jane Samples b: Abt 1889 in TN m: 9/29/1929 Marion Co,TN d: in TN

...2 Arlon Holder b: 5/18/1923 in Orem,Marion Co,TN
... +Doyle Jean Smith b: 4/12/1930 in Sheffield,Colbert Co,AL m: 1946 Iuka,,MS d: 12/22/1993 in Sheffield,Colbert Co,AL
........3 William Arlan Holder b: 10/4/1947 in Sheffield,Colbert Co,AL
.... +Brenda Mays b: 1948 in Florence,Lauderdale Co, AL m: 6/7/1969 Killen,Lauderdale Co,AL
*2nd Wife of William Arlan Holder:
.... +Peggy Ann Montgomery b: 8/22/1952 in San Antonio,Bexar Co,TX m: 2/7/1976 Ft.Worth,Tarrant Co,TX
....2 Garland Holder b: 5/18/1923 in Orem,Marion Co,TN d: 5/18/1923 in Orem,Marion Co,TN

"Bill Holder in East Texas"



Fielding Holder (1771-1824) & Jaley Nugent (1784-185?)

The Holders are actually in my husband's ancestry. Here is his line.

1 Fielding Holder (1771-1824) & Jaley Nugent (1784-185?)
2 John Mouring Holder (1824-?) & Elizabeth Ash (1835-1912)
3 Erastus Ewing Holder (1858-1927) & Sarah Bernice Beckman (1860-1903)
4 Arthur Leath Holder (1899-1971) & Esther Mary Goldworth (1899-1975)
5 Walter Lee Moran (1915-1941) & Mable Esther Holder (1921-1981)
6 Judith Ann Moran O'Dell (1941- ) & Donald Keith McBride (1920- )
7 Ronald Keith McBride (1966- ) & Caroline Rose Noah (1969- ) (ME)

Caroline R McBride


Enterprise, Clarke Co., Miss


James Holder who married Rebeka Dixon , Enterprise, Clarke, MS to Texas

We have been looking for any information on my wifes family for a long time. What I have attached below is the extent that we know. John Francis Holder was born in Enterprise, Clarke, Miss and started west coming to Texas. His first wife is unknown to us but we do know that he had several children by
this wife. He next married Sarah Gypson? and had another family. Approx 1912 or so he just packed up and left saying he was going back to Miss. to die. He did die in about 1922.

Any help you may be able to give would be greatly appreciated if this sounds like it may be some of your family.

My wife is Ada Charlotte Holder who father was
Thomas Watson Holder whos father was
John Francis Holder whos father was
James Holder who married Rebecca Dixson.


Descendants of James Holder


1. James Holder.

James Holder and Rebeka Dixon had the following children:

+2 i. Sidney Holder.
+3 ii. John Francis Holder.
+4 iii. Willis W. Holder.


2. Sidney Holder.

Caroline was born in Jan 1870 in TEXAS. Sidney Holder and Caroline had the following children:

5 i. Robert Reed was born in Dec 1889 in TEXAS.
+6 ii. Anna Holder.
7 iii. James Holder was born in Aug 1896 in TEXAS.

3. John Francis Holder was born on 29 Dec 1846 in ENTERPRISE, CLARKE, MISS. He died on 18 Jul 1922 in NEW ORLEANS, N.O., MISS.

He was married to Sarah Ann Gypson in Oct 1875. Sarah Ann Gypson was born on 31 Oct 1858 in OZARK, FRANKLIN, ARK. She died on 14 Apr 1948 in WINSLOW, NAVAHO, AZ. John Francis Holder and Sarah Ann Gypson had the following children:

+8 i. Martha Rebeka Holder.
+9 ii. Spyas Wesley Holder.
10 iii. Baby Boy 1 Holder was born in 1880. He died in 1880.
+11 iv. Francis Edgar Holder.
12 v. Arminta Ann Holder was born on 12 Apr 1885 in NEAR FT. STANTON, NM. She died on 15 Jul 1897 in BEAVER VALLEY, GILA, AZ.
+13 vi. Eugene Cleveland Holder.
+14 vii. Ogden Vale Holder.
15 viii. Allen Gibson Holder was born on 2 Sep 1893 in NEAR FT. STANTON, NM. He died on 26 May 1926.
+16 ix. Thomas Watson Holder.
17 x. Baby Boy 2 Holder was born on 15 Jul 1897 in BEAVER VALLEY, GILA, AZ. He died on 15 Jul 1897 in BEAVER VALLEY, GILA, AZ.
+18 xi. Sarah Mae Holder.

John Francis Holder had the following children:

19 i. A. J. (Jessica) Holder was born on 3 Jan 1864.
+20 ii. M. J. (Molly) Holder.
+21 iii. William H. Holder.
22 iv. J. R. (Rufus) Holder was born on 22 May 1872.

4. Willis W. Holder was born in Oct 1854 in MISSISSIPPI.

Susan (2) was born in Jul 1857 in MISSISSIPPI. Willis W. Holder and Susan (2) had the following children:

23 i. Clifton Holder was born in Dec 1883 in TEXAS.
24 ii. Mabel Holder was born in Aug 1885 in NEW MEXICO.
25 iii. Minnie Holder was born in Sep 1887 in NEW MEXICO.
26 iv. Eula Holder was born in Jan 1896 in NEW MEXICO.
27 v. Rumsey Holder was born in Mar 1899 in TEXAS.


6. Anna Holder was born in May 1893 in TEXAS.

James Cochran (son of Ewell Cochran and M. J. (Molly) Holder was born in Aug 1888 in NEW MEXICO. He died in 1973 in CAMP VERDE, YAVAPAI, AZ.

8. Martha Rebeka Holder was born on 13 Oct 1876 in TEXAS. She died on 18 May 1962.

She was married to Price Saunders in 1892.

9. Spyas Wesley Holder was born on 16 Oct 1878 in TEXAS. He died on 2 Jul 1974 in FL.

11. Francis Edgar Holder was born on 26 Dec 1882 in NEAR FT. STANTON, NM. He died on 23 Dec 1956.

He was married to Nona Stewart on 6 Jan 1919.

13. Eugene Cleveland Holder was born on 4 Mar 1888 in NEAR FT. STANTON, NM. He died on 14 May 1960.

He was married to Edna Childers in Jun 1917.

14. Ogden Vale Holder was born on 25 Jan 1891 in NEAR FT. STANTON, NM. He died on 23 Jun 1965.

He was married to Elizabeth Brink on 28 May 1912.

16. Thomas Watson Holder was born on 28 Mar 1895 in NEAR FT. STANTON, NM. He died on 13 Jun 1987 in PAYSON, GILA, AZ.

He was married to Lillie Bell Young on 8 Jul 1931. Lillie Bell Young was born on 17 Jun 1907 in WEED, OTERO, NM. She died on 8 Jun 1984 in PAYSON, GILA, AZ. Thomas Watson Holder and Lillie Bell Young had the following children:

+28 i. James Allen Holder.
+29 ii. Sarah Belle Holder.
30 iii. Biddie Alice Holder was born on 8 Dec 1935 in KINGMAN, MOHAVE, AZ.
+31 iv. Tinnie Lee Holder.
+32 v. Thomas Sydney Holder.
+33 vi. Ada Charlotte Holder.

18. Sarah Mae Holder was born on 2 Jul 1900 in ANGORA, GILA, AZ. She died on 30 Jan 1990 in PAYSON, GILA, AZ.

She was married to Walter Lee Haught on 26 Mar 1923. Walter Lee Haught was born on 20 Aug 1900 in PAYSON, GILA, AZ. He died on 2 Jun 1981 in PAYSON, AZ. Sarah Mae Holder and Walter Lee Haught had the following children:

34 i. Vernon Haught.
35 ii. Fred Haught.
36 iii. Pat Haught.

20. M. J. (Molly) Holder was born on 7 Sep 1866 in MISSISSIPPI.

Ewell Cochran was born in Feb 1855 in TEXAS. M. J. (Molly) Holder and Ewell Cochran had the following children:

37 i. Charles Cochran was born in Dec 1884 in NEW MEXICO.
38 ii. Eva M. Cochran was born in Jun 1886 in NEW MEXICO.
+39 iii. James Cochran.
40 iv. Augustus Cochran was born in Mar 1891 in NEW MEXICO.
41 v. Cochran was born in Mar 1893 in NEW MEXICO.
42 vi. John Cochran was born in Sep 1898 in TEXAS.

21. William H. Holder was born on 2 Jul 1870. He died on 15 Aug 1910.

Viola was born in Oct 1874 in TEXAS. William H. Holder and Viola had the following children:

43 i. Ethel Holder was born in Jul 1894 in NEW MEXICO.
44 ii. Wesley Holder was born in May 1898 in ARIZONA.
45 iii. Nathaniel Holder was born in Feb 1900 in ARIZONA.


Carter Rogers
Camp Verde, AZ
the dead center of Arizona



HOLDERS of Lake Park, GA: Sumter Co., AL: York, AL: Bledsoe Co, TN. :Dudley, GA: Meridian, MS: Cuba, AL.

My search for the Holder family history began in October 1983 during conversations with brothers and sisters of Clarence Holder, father of my wife, Ann Holder Todd. Our conversation took place at a birthday dinner for Clarence Holder held at his home near Lake Park, GA. Individually, the family members knew very little, or at least were unwilling to share all they knew. Collectively, I began to piece together this narrative. Its accuracy is very subjective.
On January 6, 1996, I gleaned additional information about Tom Holder's siblings & cousins from phone conversations with Holder relatives still living in Sumter Co., AL.
The earliest record I have of the Holder family is Tom Holder. Tom had a full brother named John, who was married to Candis Olivia Walker. She had a brother named Frank. John died sometime in the 1930's. John & Tom had at least one half-brother, named Chesley Holder of Meridian, MS, and one half-sister, named Annie, referred to as Aunt Mac Green. John & Tom's father was William Holder (middle name James or John), likely a veteran of the War Between the States (see below for new information from Joy Holder.).
John had 5 children: Annie Wooldridge, Leona "Sweet" (m. Thomas McDonald), Lorena, Florence (a brother), and Ernest. Annie, who owns the 440-acre family homestead in Cuba, AL, is 83 years old. I talked to her while she was a temporary resident of Sumter County Nursing Home. Annie's first husband was Horace Armstrong. They were married for 18 years. She stayed single for six years after he died, then married again 29 Jun 1957 to Travis Wooldridge, who died 23 Mar 1982. Travis had two children by a previous marriage: a daughter who was already married, and Johnny, who was 10 years old.
Leona is 88 years old, a resident of Cuba. Lorena is deceased. She was a very big woman, both in weight and height.
Florence died in Tuscaloosa, AL. He had two sons, Curtis and Murray. Murray is deceased, but Curtis still lives in Tuscaloosa. I spoke with Curtis in Jan 1996. He sounded like he was up in age. He knew very little about the family. I also talked to Murray's widow, Frances. She married Murray shortly after his first wife died. So soon, in fact, that his children by his first marriage dislike her very much and have very little to do with her.
Ernest was the youngest child of John. He had at least two sons, Ernest Newton and Robert, or "Buddy." Ernest Newton has a son named David "Skip" Holder to whom I first talked when I began gathering the information above. Skip just recently moved back to Alabama from California and is living in Annie Wooldridge's house until he gets his house built.
The Siloam Baptist Church in York, AL, is the home of quite a few Holders, now deceased. According to Skip, William Holder is buried just inside the gate of the cemetery.
Tom Holder married twice. The first time to a woman named Knight, first name unknown to me. There was one child from this union--a daughter named Helen, who was married seven times, the last time to a man named Pinkerton. Tom's second marriage was to a woman named Emma, whose last name may have been Pierce or Pearce. There were seven children from this marriage:
1. Roy 5. Louvenia
2. Bill 6. Levy
3. Wilson 7. Henry Lorenza (died Dec. 13, 1969)
4. Sadie
These are not listed according to age as far as I know.
Henry Lorenza Holder married Phronie Elizabeth Stephens on Easter Sunday, 1914. Phronie was the daughter of Marion Brown and Ginger Dearman, both from York, Alabama. Phronie had three brothers, Tom, Will, and Judge, and one sister, name unknown.
Phronie was married once before marrying Henry Lorenza, to Elisha Stephens, a farmer from Louisiana. Phronie had fallen in love and planned to marry a boy from York, AL. To prevent the marriage, Tom and Judge sent her to live with Will in Louisiana. However, while there, she fell in love with Elisha Stephens, and they became engaged. The couple returned to York for the wedding, attended, incidentally by Henry Lorenza. They then returned to Louisiana. While they were together, Phronie gave birth to Winfred Oscar, born on June 27, 1908.
According to Steve (as Winfred Oscar was later named), Elisha was so jealous of Phronie that each morning before leaving the house he would sweep the thresholds to assure that no one was being dishonest with her. After a time of this, Phronie had enough and called the marriage quits. She returned to York, AL, taking one-year-old Winfred Oscar with her. Sometime after this, Phronie married Henry Lorenza Holder. Henry adopted Winfred Oscar as his son and changed his name to Steve Holder.
Children of Henry Lorenza and Phronie Elizabeth born in Alabama were:
2. Maurice
3. Alice
4. Marie
5. James
Mr. Holder
worked as a fireman, stoking fires at the sawmill in York. When the company moved to Florida, the family followed. Mr. Holder worked as an engineer, driving a small engine that pulled a train of cars in an open-air mine. The move took place on the 17th and 25th of February 1924. The delay in moving was caused by the death of Ginger Brown, Phronie's mother. I am not sure which part of the family made the move on which day. I believe the children moved on the 17th, and Phronie followed on the 25th.
Four more children were born during the years in Havana, for a total of nine:
6. Preston
7. Clarence Henry
8. Frank
9. Bobby
I have very little information about the family during this time period. I would like to have all birth and death dates, family anecdotes, marriage dates, full names, etc. Hopefully, these will be forthcoming in the future.
One incident of consequence was the fire. On the day following the marriage of Alice Holder to Wiley Snow (from Jacksonville, Fl, born in Dudley, GA), the home place of the Holder's burned to the ground. Thanks to the quick thinking of the family maid (Aunt Hattie, I believe), two important items were saved: a trunk containing the clothes prepared for Alice and the family Bible with family information in it, and a sewing machine. Alice has both the Bible and the sewing machine.

03 Aug 1996

A few weeks ago (July 1996), I was "surfing the Net" for genealogy information when I came across the name of Joy Holder, who lives in Euless, TX. I called her, then wrote to her. She wrote back 22 Jul 1996, and enclosed some interesting information. She also enclosed three letters: The first two were originals she had received from Annie Wooldridge, and the third was a copy of a letter from Walter A. Greene. The following is a summary of all this information.
Joy Holder believes the Charles Holder in the 1850 census is ours. At least she shows it that way in her genealogy records. (There is some speculation in my mind that maybe his name was actually Chesley, or maybe he had a brother or father named Chesley. The name seems very prominent. See Appendix.) Joy also sent a copy of a page from the 1840 census for Bledsoe Co, TN. It shows a Chelsey Holder, aged 50-55, a child 0-5, and another person aged 15-20. That would sound just right for William James Holder, who supposedly was born in Tennessee. The age of the third person, possibly Lucy, is the question. If she were 34 in 1850, she should have been 24 in 1840.
Joy found two marriage records from Wake Co., NC that show Chesley's marrying Lucy's, one in 1813, the other in 1822. The problem here is that the 1850 census shows Lucy as 34 years old. That means she was born about 1816. Joy's records show William James Holder being born 12 Apr 1834. That would make him about 16 in 1850. The William listed with Charles and Lucy in the 1850 census was listed as being 12 years old. Obviously, the conflicting dates and ages are impossible to reconcile, so that nothing can be concluded.
William James Holder was married twice. The first wife was Rebecca Bartlett. There were either four or five children of this marriage:
1. John W. (Annie Wooldridge's father, see above)
2. Thomas J. (possibly our progenitor)
3. Mattie
4. Sallie
5. and possibly another daughter named Caroline.
Based on the 1880 census record from Sumter Co AL showing William J. Holder, I wonder if Mattie and Sallie are supposed to be Mary and Sarah? The names Mattie and Sallie came from the memory of Annie Wooldridge.
second wife was named Ellen Bean, b. 29 Mar 1855 in Mississippi, the daughter of William Bean, d. 7 Feb 1921. They were married 2 May 1875 in Cuba, AL.

There were five children of this marriage:
1. Martha Ann Holder, b. 1876, m. Walter C. Greene 1899, Meridian, MS
(1) Walter A. Greene (Some of this data came from a letter Walter wrote Joy that she copied for me.) According to Walter A., the family moved from Cuba, AL to Meridian, MS in 1906 when he was six years old, and lived there until 1920, when I assume they returned to Cuba.
2. Josephine Holder, b. 1878, m. Amos Eaves, 1908, Meridian, MS
They had no children.
3. William Chesley Holder, b. 6 Apr 1881, m. (1) Sheffield (first name unknown), (2) Stella Nelson. Chesley had one son and three daughters, one of whom married a man named Joe House.
4. Andrew Jackson Holder, b. 18 Sep 1884, m. Susan Rebecca Harlow c. 1900, d. 10 Nov 1919, Cleveland, MS. Andrew had five children:
(1) Ruby Vesti Holder, b. 30 Jan 1902, m. Ozzie Deas, c. 12 Jan 1966 in CA.
(2) Lila Cleon Holder, b. c. 1903, m. Joe Permenter, d. c. 1980 in Oregon.
(3) Andrew Jackson Holder, Jr., b. 30 Jan 1906, m. Lela Furr, 5 Sep 1925, Jackson, MS, d. 11 Feb 1979, Florence, MS.
(4) Everett Joshua Holder, b. 22 Dec 1907, m. Retha Mae, d. 1952, Jackson, MS.
(5) William J. Holder, b. 23 Sep 1909, Meridian, MS, m. Lela Mae, d. 26 Apr 1985, Parsons, TN. I believe William had at least one other wife.
5. Nora Lee Holder, b. 16 Jul 1893. Nora was married several times. I believe her last husband was named Robert Nobles, c. 1909. She never had any children

Of special note to me is that Joy has documented where much of her data came from. On the back of William J. Holder's family group page was information about his service in the CSA. According to Joy, William enlisted in April 1862 at Livingston, AL, in Co I 40th AL Vol Infantry, and was honorably discharged in May 1865. He applied for a pension June 1896.
The census of 1900 shows that William had moved to Hurricane Creek, Lauderdale Co., MS where he was a farmer. The 1910 census shows that he was living in Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS, and working as a blacksmith.

Information from documents:

I ordered and received Henry Lorenza's death certificate from Florida. Unfortunately, his parents' names are not recorded.
The 1850 census for Sumter County has a Charles Holder, age 62, his wife Lucy, age 34, and four children. The record shows that Charles was born in North Carolina. The youngest of the children is listed as William, age 12. This would coincide exactly with the 1880 census record of William J. Holder.
The 1880 census for Sumter County has a William J. Holder, age 43, his wife, Ellen, and five children. The oldest is Thomas J., age 18. The other children are Mary (14), Sarah (11), Martha (4), and Josephine (1). This family lived in the Easbee Beat of Sumter Co. According to this record, William J. was born in Tennessee, and his parents in North Carolina.
Here is the really confusing part. The 1880 census also lists a George Green, age 44, his wife Cary, and four children. Listed with this household are a stepson, named Thomas Holder, age 28, and a nephew, named John Holder, age 20. This family lived in the Intercourse Beat of Sumter County. This census record lists the birth place of the father and mother of Thomas and John Holder as North Carolina.
I have a record of a will for Chesley Holder, dated 11 Mar 1864 and probated 11 July 1864. This shows the estate to be divided between Hinton Holder, William T. Holder, Clarissa J. Lewis, Nancy T. Brewster , CARY GREEN (see above paragraph), Caroline Lovett, Sarah Morgan, and Amanda Holder, the widow of Andrew Holder. Willis Curl is listed as the Executor. (See Appendix) (ref. Ganrud, Pauline Jones. Alabama Records, v164, p63.This set of books in located in the Ladson Genealogical Library in Vidalia, GA.)
Nancy Brewster was originally Nancy Holder. She married Joseph W. Brewster in Sep 1845 with the consent of Chesley Holder. Andrew Holder was named as Bondsman. (Ganrud, v150, p22) This leads me to speculate that maybe Cary Green was originally Cary Holder, daughter of Chesley. Then how was she related to Tom and John, who were old enough to be her brothers, but are not listed in the will? If they were, say, first cousins, why did George Green take them in?

Dan Todd