All Holders found in the 1880 census
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Bill Holder

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LINE 1 Original data from
185.  = Number given to identify individual, reference should be Missouri individual 185 or ( MO185 )
Wm. A. HOLDER = Name taken from census, so that we can again find it it should never be changed, even if wrong
Davis, Caldwell Co., MO = 1880 census location
H of H  = Relationship in respect to the Head of Household
Male = sex
  b.<1841> = Estimated birth year, also should never be changed, even if wrong.  Needed for census reference

William Anderson Holder = entire birth name as known.  If there was a nickname that is found, enter it after Holder
b.9/20/1840 Greene Co., TN = correct birth date, or year, and location, death date d.??? can also be shown here
s/o (MO-254) = says that the parent is alive, and then shows the census location of the parent.

can also be used for core information.  Spouses name or name's, burial location., etc

LAST LINES:  family researchers of this family, e-mail addresse, then name
<> Jimmie Holder,  <> Bill Holder

b. = birth (date, and or location)
d. = death
(date, and or location)
m. = marriage (date, and or location)
bet. = between
bef. = before
aft. = after

s/o = son of
d/o = daughter of
h/o = husband of
w/o = wife of
< 2002> = estimated date