I had this hosted originally on AnimeMusicVideos.org, but there's been a recent crackdown on videos that aren't truly AMVs. In fact, any creator listing a non-anime video is ineligible for contests.

I don't want to compete, but to prevent any ruffled feathers, I removed the listing for this video.

Download "Carry On Wayward Cub": here

My original comments:

This is a simple video I created simply to get some practice with Final Cut Pro.

Yes, I know it's not anime.... but I had the footage and I had the idea, and I decided to run with it.

This video was about a month's worth of work, off and on, though I also had finals and other social demands.


- The sound clip used during the opening bumper ("This is driving me sane!") is from "My Old Flame", by Spike Jones.
- All lipsync in this video was accidental at first. I didn't intend to have any lipsync, but it just worked.
- The song fades out about a minute before the actual end. It's all guitar improvization and I didn't have enough footage to use the whole thing. Besides, it's long enough at 4:30 or so.

Tools used:

Final Cut Pro 4.1
Quicktime Pro 6.4
iTunes 4.1

This video received one opinion while hosted at AnimeMusicVideos.org. Here it is:
Member: Feature Presentation (Pat Fuller)

Orig: 10
Capture: 9
Sound: 10
Action: 9
Lip: n/a
Effects: n/a
Effort: 10
Re-view: 10
Overall: 10

Goosebumps, goosebumps, I say; and tears. This video is beautiful. Works extremely well with the subject matter. I love the fact that at 0:39, when the guitar parts get a little darker, so does the storyline in the video. Great coriography. I felt like I was watching the movie all over again from a different angle. Wonderful, wonderful work.

Probably could've ended on a better note, other than the new cub being thrusted into the air. That just leaves too much of an open end for a video. For the movie it's fine, cuz it opens up for a second one, but in the video, you want closure.

Also, there's a couple of parts at the begining with the heavy downbeats where you could've done some really cool motion. That's just my opinion, though.

I can understand why you cut the music short there. The story is told and there's not much more that you can do with it.


Thanks for the input.

As far as the ending goes, I really couldn't find much better. Besides, it was a serious case of "Aw MAN, I have to *show* this thing in two hours and I need something to fill in the end!" I guess I could have just continued the roaring back and forth, but...

Again, thanks for the comments. I'll keep this in mind for future videos.