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At Bettor Solutions we are dedicated to helping the average handicapper get the most profit possible from his or her selections. Regardless of how good your handicapping skills are, we have a way to improve your profit at the track!

There are two basic betting methods to choose from. If you can usually narrow down the field of runners to three or four likely contenders but have a hard time picking just one to bet on, you should look into Dutching. Dutching allows you to bet on two or more runners going off at different odds and make the same amount of money no matter which one wins. This method works great for those folks who use tip sheets or newspaper / web handicapping services who generally provide three picks for each race. Dutching can also be used effectively to box these picks in the exactas and trifectas.

The other betting method that can greatly increase profits is parlaying. In the strict sense a parlay requires the winnings of one bet to be carried over and placed on the next bet in the parlay, so if any pick in the parlay loses, the bet returns nothing. But if all the picks win, the individual payoffs are multiplied, resulting in a HUGE profit from a tiny bet. By using specially dedvised round-robin techniques it is possible to avoid those downfalls and still take advantage of the huge payoffs returned by successful parlays. These techniques can be employed even at tracks that don't offer parlay wagering!


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Universal Parlay System for tracks with or without Parlay wagering.

Let it Ride
Round-Robin Parlays for use at tracks that offer standard parlay wagers.

Playing the

Percentage-of-Bankroll Wagering that doesn't require track parlay wagering.

Dutching with Hedging. The most powerful Dutching tool around.

Exotics-only Dutching for large Wheels & Boxes.