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Many Years Many Worlds

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Beth Macy
of Many Years, Many Worlds, is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC), an accomplished visual artist, ACE certified Personal Trainer, an experienced high tech consultant, and CTO of at Zumba Fitness, LLC. She has tested as "cerebral". This RIGHT BRAINED, LEFT BRAINED ability allows her to bring great creativity into her accomplishments.

Many Years, Many Worlds is a touching and engrossing true story that follows Beth's discovery of her mother's letters and through them sees a side of her mother she never knew.
Many Years Many Worlds
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Beth Macy letters
Many Years, Many Worlds simultaneously explores the loss of a parent and the intricacies of a tumultuous mother/daughter relationship while discovering her parent's lives in the Middle East in 1949. It is both a tender and provocative book, invoking an emotional response, as it probes the way we look at world politics and human nature.
While cleaning out her mother's shed, the day before the funeral, Beth found letters and photographs that give deeper insite into the world as it was in 1949.

Most exciting was learning more about her parent's role in the top secret operation called Magic Carpet, that flew displaced Yemenite Jews into the newly found state of Israel.

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Many Years Many Worlds
Many Years Many Worlds
Many Years Many Worlds
Many Years Many Worlds