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9.26.2004   10:05 PM
my football conclusions
Yes, I'm a grown-ass woman with a more complete vocabulary, but I'm gonna communicate this very simply:

Pack, Chiefs, Rams, Bucs, 'Fins: All suck.

The Titans: Ouch!! They hurt my feelings!

Jags, Giants: Surprise!

Kurt, Marc, Kyle, err'body's rushing.

And the Eagles...


To quote Emeril, "Happy, happy."

9.24.2004   9:07 PM
i sure love my team
Sorry for the lag; busy week at work.

Did you hear? They won.


And it's just as I hoped it would be, Eagles winning and TO and D-Mac all buddy-buddy. I'm just so tickled!!

I'm off to Wisconsin again, this time for almost the entire week; shame I'll be traveling during the game. (sigh) But then again, there'll probably be a bar or two with a TV during my layover in Chicago.

9.19.2004   10:49 PM
SUNday, SUNday, SUNday!!
and Monday.

But that's tomorrow. Get a load of the Flash intro for the game; we love our football in Philly, yes we do!

Set the VCRs last night. Woke up at 9am to doze back off to the dulcet sounds of Terry Bradshaw's voice. Then up for good at 10:30 to watch the Niners lose. (smile) A good way to start a day, huh?


floundering in the pool
Some of my picks and the results:
  • The Pack over da Bears: What? What, what, what?! Interceptions, fumbles, a missed field goal... Brett! Ahman! Chi-town, 21-10.
  • Broncs over Jags: (shakes head) Those stats make this look like the most boring game of the day. Whoo-whooo! 7-6, Jags.
  • Chiefs over Panthers: (shakes head some more) Well indeed, NFC champs and all (grumble, grumble) Even with the two Steves gone, this one was an eenie-meenie for me. Delhomme got one more TD than he gave up in interceptions, and DeShaun Foster ran like the wind. Carolina, 28-17.
  • Redskins over Giants: Eh, the fast and the furious was not expected in this one; another one of my toss up choices. Not only did Kurt not lose it, but Patrick Ramsey helped a lot. NY, 20-14.
  • Titans over Colts: Will the carnage never end?! (sigh) Another coin toss for me, but I've got a side bet with poet dude that Mac-9 and all y'all will finish with 9+ wins, for a replica jersey of my choice (and I was almost thinking of making it an authentic.) Stove up, boys!! Meanwhile, for today, Peyton and his crew, 31-17.
  • Ravens over Steelers: And it was done, with interceptions courtesy of Roethlisberger. Ray-ray and the boys, 30-13.
  • Saints over Niners: And it was done, and done good! What's that goofy delinquent character on the Simpsons? "HA-ha!" (grins) N'awlins all over it at the last minute when it counted, 30-27.
  • The rest: And they were done, as expected. Seahawks, Pats, Cowboys, Jets, Oaktown. And as a delightful finish in the night, Bengals!
Get the details of the rest here.

3:14 PM
using what's on hand
While late-brunching out, I'm writing this bad boy from my T | E.

almost forgot
This past week was a joy... GI distress. IBS. All week long.

I used to suffer, and I mean SUFFER from it in my teens and 20's. I'd have an episode about once a month, lasting for a few hours, where it would come out of nowhere and just lay me low; the word "cramping" does not describe the pain in my gut or the misery.

After a hiatus of over 10 years, it was back with a vengeance. Constant discomfort, regularly punctuated with sharp, attention-getting pain. And antacids, laxatives, Pepto? No good whatsoever.

My final solution? Probiotics. If you're prone to a fussy tummy, or just want to keep yourself in good shape inside as well as out, add some flora. They work *miracles*.

I just so happened to have a bottle of the fellas in the fridge. If I remember correctly, I splurged on these designer ones from Whole Foods when I started the July job. Two Friday night; happy and utterly content tummy (et al...!) Saturday afternoon. My regime: Two on an empty stomach, three times a day. Sweet relief!

now i know why...
Folks use combo styli/pens. Forgot my stylus @ home, so I'm using the non-business end of my eyebrow/eyelash brush.

Works pretty good. A new product idea, perhaps?


a postscript
Once I got home, I converted this memo to a Documents To Go Word file on the T | E, beamed it straight to the laptop, then pasted it in and prettied it up on Blogger. I love my new doohickey!

2:12 PM
singapore is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people

Back in 2000 (in my pre-blogging days) I traveled on business to Singapore. I had such a blast, eating my way around the town.

wonderful place
Hawker's centers, duck with mee, shrimp balls and fish cakes at 10am and 2pm tea, "carrot cake", black pepper crab, rojak, roti prata, and my first taste of genuine shark's fin soup.

(Small note: Picture here doesn't show any of those things... but it *is* pretty(laugsh!))

I stayed at the Sheraton Towers Singapore. In hindsight, I guess it would have been more impressive to say I stayed at Raffles, but I think I ended up getting TWA/American miles; my priorities... (smile)

wonderful people
Today I was making out a to do list on my new Palm Tungsten E, and hating life with Graffiti 2.

Earlier this month, PalmSource announced that it was not going to include Graffiti in future versions of the Palm OS. Instead, it was going to use a different system for text entry based on CICís Jot. This has been dubbed Graffiti 2.


However, this comes at the risk of alienating long-time users, who are happy with the current version of Graffiti. Many of the Graffiti 2 characters have to be drawn with two strokes, while all but the X can be drawn with a single stroke in the original. This means that, while Graffiti 2 may be easier to learn, it will be slightly slower to use than the original Graffiti.

(emphasis mine)

Slightly?! Oh, my god, I was starting to believe that G2 was designed to torture *me* personally - i's, k's, and t's... I still shudder. I've got 9 years of Graffiti Uno under my belt, it's second nature when I pick up the stylus. I needed to find a solution, a hack, or a piece of software that would allow me to use this thing the way I was used to using the old klunker.

I take notes in meetings, I write my ideas and brainstorms down, I make shopping and to do lists... I don't just point and tap, I actually write on my PDA. This is why I got this one instead of one with a teeny keyboard that I'd have to peck with my thumbs.

Eclectic as I am, I am not alone in my discontent. Google palm graffiti 2 help and a good number of the items are about how to replace it with Graffiti premier. I found this helpful Singaporean fellow on the SPUG website.

Viola!! It's back! Life is good again!

oh, and so is new orleans
Particularly the Saints who pulled it out today and beat the 'Niners. Yay!

Ronnie Lott and the rest of y'all need to stop yer whining, you had several chances and you blew it, you let them catch up in under 2 to go in the 4th.

Even while blogging and noting and listing, all up in it.

9.12.2004   11:24 PM
can you tell i'm addicted?
From my favorite new blog, go fug yourself, at fugginitup.blogspot.com.

Go Fug Yourself: Fuggalo 66.

I dare you to not laugh out loud.

4:37 PM
okay, i can breathe now
Now you know, we didn't get The Game here because the 49er's game was sold out, as usual.

Eagles won, 31-17.

From what I could glean online, young Manning showed some smarts in the last 2 minutes. He'll be a force to reckon with, although his supporting cast is kinda weak; I predict poor Kurt, a mere shadow of his former self, will be bench-warming next week.

I can't believe I thought I'd get anything else done today (laughs). Sale in the city and household chores be damned! I've been parked here in the living room since 10:30am, tied to the TV and computer.

4:26 PM
oh, and...
I almost forgot.


q and a
Q: Are you ready for some football?

A: Of course!! I'm all up in it!!

It was tough, waking up at 8; I wasn't very alert during the pregame shows. I didn't have the VCRs programmed, either (I almost forgot that part of the ritual). Time for DirecTV and TiVo. I promise, Chris, Tom, Steve, Michael, Coach Ditka, Howie, Terry, James, Jimmy, Shannon, Greg (I'll promise nothing to Boomer E. and Dan, though), I'll do better next week.

Scores and summing up to come later, as always.

(sighs with pleasure)

Oh, NFL; I sure missed you.

4:23 PM
my greatest desire right now
That just for kicks' sake, the boys in "midnight green" (got that from the site) make this the highest scoring game of the week. The Vikes are at 35 right now, but they've got less than 2:00 to go while we've got 2:25. I have faith.

Uh-oh, Tiki Barber just got a 72 yard TD. WTF happened?! Was noone on him?! And now Warner's out, and young Manning's in; geez, guys, keep it together.

Eagles over Giants, 31-1017.

9.10.2004   11:27 PM
utterly snarky
I have spent the evening reading celebrity fashion snipefests; what fun!

This one had me rolling, tears running outta my eyes and everything.

Oops she did it again!

Ugly is the new pretty.

9.08.2004   10:55 PM
important words
You are what you do when it counts.

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