2.12.2004   5:15 AM

It's really not fair to have just lost one parental unit 4 months ago (even the one that you fought with) and then have to stare down the reality of losing another one(the one you have codependency issues with. Boo Hiss.

2.15.2002   3:41 PM

Okay, what the hell am I supposed to blog...???...

Well, i went to the groceries, bought lots of salad and proceeded to come home and eat hamburger helper. Sorry, it's been a rough day. I talked to him later and we are going forward, but he is not getting out of his responsibilities. I love him, but I am not going to carry him forever. He has had a year and a half to get used to real life and love and now it is time to step up to the plate. He will go back to Lowes, if it kills me... or him!

11:02 AM

wait for it... wait... wait...

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