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7.13.2007   6:18 PM
I'm a selling artist
Yay for me! I just sold my first mosaic piece. I sold one of the tables for $40 on Criagslist - cheap as poo if you ask me, but better $40 in my pocket than a mosaic table cluttering up my apartment. I'm no longer trying to recover my materials cost and get paid for my hours of hard work. Now I just want to get rid of this stuff and recover some of my costs. Humbling yet satisfying.

So yay for me!

2.02.2005   10:01 PM
Ahhhhhh...... I feel so much better!!!!!
I've spent the last couple of months trying to de-clutter my apartment. In the last couple of weeks, I've gotten really serious. I finally ordered a surfboard rack, and a karate belt rack. I took 2 car loads of stuff to goodwill and I'll be calling to have them come take my air conditioner away soon. I've been through every box, closet, drawer and shelf. I've probably thrown out a whole dumpster full of stuff.

Tonight, I spent 4 hours, hanging the surf rack, re-hanging the karate belt rack, hiding empty wine bottles, re-arranging stuff on the bookshelves now that they're not full of mosaic "stuff" and trying to figure out how to re-arrange pictures in the "office type area" to get that nice balanced and un-cluttered yet not-bare feel.

Now finally, my place doesn't feel like a storage closet. I don't have to move the surfboard to get into the bar, I'm not knocking my karate belts on the floor, the mosaic stuff is pretty well contained to small areas.

Now the question is - keep the big giant queen size futon (that I spent a lot of money on) or try to sell it and buy a smaller sofa. Actually, there's no point in asking the question - you know I'm not selling the futon. If for no other reason than, I can unfold it when I'm sick and camp out comfortably in the living room all day.

Now I have a nice uncluttered space to do "Yoga for Surfers" in. But that's another story....

1.30.2005   11:17 AM
The surf trip
So I was back at Las Olas a few weeks ago. Had a blast. Did my best surfing ever. The surf was kind of small and mushy for the whole week, but that's okay - it made for an easy paddle out. My asthma was acting up the whole week - so I did a lot of resting between waves.

The best part of the trip? HORSEBACK riding. I rode a horse for the first time ever. I galloped and everything! This spring, I intend to find a place near home where I can learn to ride.

Folks have already started posting their pictures. Here's a few

The week after I left, I heard they got 10-15 foot surf. That may be an exaggeration, but it was big enough for the instructors decided it was too dangerous for the students and drove to a smaller break for 2 of the days. I'm both glad and sorry that I missed it.

I did get to surf a smaller, more advanced board while I was there. It was a few inches narrower and 6 inches shorter than my board and it had harder rails and 3 fins (vs my single fin). It was harder to paddle, but way easier to turn. I think I might be ready to buy a new board this summer...

11:04 AM
I think I found my weapon!
I went to a nunchakus seminar on Saturday and learned how to beat myself silly with a couple of sticks on a string. I'm loving the nunchakus. After the 1-hour seminar I came home and spent another 2 hours practicing. Now my ribs are nice and bruised. I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen or not...

Sharon Tosten, an instructor from another school gave the seminar. And she's actually at the school that close to my house. After the seminar, folks tried to sign me up to work with the demo team kids on nunchakus katas. I politely declined - I don't have the time. Now I'm thinking... Maybe Mr. Vaz will arrange for me to get private lessons with the woman who did the seminar in exchange for working with the demo team. Question is - do I have time for this?

11.21.2004   2:25 PM
I've been busy
Sticking tiles to stuff like crazy. I even updated the look of my website. http://home.earthlink.net/~crystalmharris/

It's getting time for me to get a real provider that lets me do server-side programming. And maybe some business cards...

11.14.2004   6:20 PM
There's no scrums in football!!!!
I really wish NFL commentators would stop this scrum crap. At best, these things resemble mauls, maybe even a ruck if the ball is on the ground. In no way does it resemble a scrum - either in formation or purpose. At first it was cute, now it's getting on my freakin' nerves.

10.01.2004   11:33 AM
It's finally here! "Crystal's Jellyfish Hat"
“Oh dear! Oh dear! There's a jellyfish on my head! Oh dear! Oh dear! There's a jellyfish on my head. Please, please, please, get it off, get it off!” That's what I said the day a jellyfish got stuck on my head. Here's the story....

One day, I was out surfing on my big purple surfboard. The waves were like 2 million feet tall. I was tearin' it up and workin my thang. I was totally stoked. I was sitting on my board taking a short break and I feel something tapping on my leg. I look down and there was a jelly fish.

He looked up at me and said “You dropped in on me b----! I ain't gonna stand for this s---. This is my beach and I'll kick your a--. Drop in on me again and I'll make you sorry M----- F-----!” Then he flashed what looked like some kind of gang sign and swam off.

That was some foul mouth little jellyfish, I thought. I tried to paddle after him to tell him so, but another big wave was coming and I had to take it cuz it was like 8 million feet tall. Dude, that wave was something totally narly. I'm paddling my heart out to catch this Mo-fo and I'm just dropping for days it was so big. Then I'm in the barrel, like totally covered up and all of a sudden a shark just rolls up and bits my board in half. So like, I'm trying to surf on half a board and I almost make it, but it was no love. I wiped out big. When I finally come out of the water, my face is like burning. I shout, “Oh dear, my face is burning!” and reach up to see why. It was a jelly fish! And he was stinging my face! So I start yelling some more. “Oh dear! Oh dear! There's a jellyfish on my head! Oh dear! Oh dear! There's a jellyfish on my head. Please, please, please, get it off, get it off!”

“That's right b----. I told you not to drop in on me again. Now I'm gonna f--- you up. I'm a hit you with a right and a left and a middle and a middle right and a far left...”

That's when I said “F--- you b----. Get off of my head!” Then I started punching him.

“You better stop hittin me, or I ain't never gettin off yo head,” he said.

I told him, “You better stop stinging me or I'm gonna keep hitting you.”

“Alright, alright, I was just playing wit you. Put your head under water and I'll get off”
So I put my head under the water and when I came back up, he was still on my head. And still stinging me! “You liar! You said you would get off!”

He laughed and said, “Ahhhhhh! I fooled you b----! I ain't gettin off!”

So I started hitting him again. This went on for a few more minutes and then almost out of nowhere, a shark came back and bit my head off. Now I'm like “Dude! This is not cool! You can't be eating people's boards and heads stuff! Give me back my head.”

“Can I keep the jellyfish?” the shark asked.

“Heck yeah,” I said. You can do what you want with that foul mouthed little criminal!” So he gave me my head back as swam off. When I got my head back on, I looked after him and realized that was the shark that bit my board. I yelled after hime, “Dude, you owe me a new board too!” But he just laughed and swam off. I would have paddled out after him and took a new board out of his butt, but another big wave was coming and I had to take it - half a board or whole, I can't pass up a big one.

9.29.2004   1:12 PM
So I'm renting a condo in Wildwood, NJ for a week so I can go surfing all day everyday (and be away from home and work relatively cheap). I got down here on Saturday, dumped my stuff at the condo, picked up my board from the shop (I had a lil accident a few weeks back) and hit the beach. What a day. The biggest waves I've ever been able to paddle out into (maybe 5-7 feet). I only caught 2, and fell off both before I could get a good ride, but WOW! I've never gone so fast on a surfboard. On the first one, I couldn't see from all the whitewater spraying everywhere! Yay!!!!!! The second one, I should have angled the board more - a 9.5 ft board does not fit straight up and down in a 5-7 ft wave. The nose went under, I went flying.... But it was still fun! And the best part - only a few people in the line up. No worries about getting run over! (Or running someone else over)

I went out again on Sunday and was out pretty much by myself (there was one other person out, but he didn't stay long). It's much scarier when you're by yourself - the ocean seems a lot bigger and deeper. I caught a few, didn't ride any, but still had fun. I did see some dolphins come in really close (20 ft maybe). I thought it was really cool the first time I saw them (maybe 100 ft away). It gets scarier when they get close enough to swim under you - I don't want nothin' touchin' my toes...

Monday, I was out again. This time there was nobody on the beach or the water. Really really scary. There was a pretty strong onshore wind, so I didn't even try to paddle out. The waves were still big though. I stayed inside and did the walk, turn and jump - walk the board out, turn it around and when a wave comes, jump on and paddle. It's easier on your arms, but your legs get tired and you're prone to sandpaper shorts (sand gets in your shorts and when walk you get a type of extreme inner thigh exfoliation). This time, I did manage to catch and ride a few (I'm pretty good with the baby waves).

Tuesday we had hurricane Jeanne remnants. No surfing.

This morning. Woooo Hooooo! I've never seen waves so big. The wind was strong offshore wind and man it was awesome. I'm in the water (doing the walk, turn and jump thing) and I can see the waves on the outside rising up, and rising up, and rising some more and then fold over and barrel. It looked like it might be 8-9 ft tall. I almost wished I could paddle out. But, I think I'm not ready for barrels yet. Certainly not that big. To think, I almost didn't go out. I was in the condo this morning thinking, it's cloudy and windy, I don't want to go. Then I saw on the weather report that the wind was offshore at 13 mph and would change to a stiff onshore later today and I figured if I don't go now, it ain't happening later. So I went out. I got out and the beach was all wet and the waves looked sloppy and I almost went back to the condo, but I hauled the board down anyway. Good thing too! It was sloppy and there was a pretty strong sideshore current, but watching those big waves peel was well worth it. I even caught a few baby waves and the water was nice and warm. Yay!

Surf report says tomorrow should be cleaner and from what I can tell, a little smaller. Might be a good day for me. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I'm a happy camper. Time to start shopping for a wetsuit....

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