28 July 2005
Version 4.1

LMRA Sand Volleyball Rules

These rules are intended to supplement and clarify the United States Volleyball Association rulebook as it pertains to sand volleyball league play at LMRA. These rules will undergo periodic amendments to clarify interpretation.

1.0 General

A team roster will be submitted to the sand volleyball director prior to the first league game. The team captain or designated alternate is required to maintain the roster and provide updates to the sand volleyball director.

All roster changes must be submitted to the director in writing. Players may be added or dropped through the midpoint of the regular season. Only people on the roster will be eligible to play in playoffs or be awarded prizes. Every player on the roster must have an active volleyball activity card.

The LMRA volleyball commissioner will be the final authority on all issues pertaining to the LMRA volleyball leagues. Written appeals may be directed to the LMRA Employee's Council.

2.0 Player Eligibility

Play in LMRA sand volleyball leagues is open to all Lockheed employees, Affiliates and their eligible dependents as defined by the LMRA By-laws. All league participants must possess a valid Volleyball Activity card to participate in the leagues.

Guest players are currently permitted in all leagues. All guest players must possess a valid Volleyball Activity card to participate in the leagues.

A player may participate in games for only one level in a particular league each season. Anyone found to have violated this rule will be subject to a one year suspension from league play with no reimbursement of fees paid.

The designated team captain is responsible for verifying that his/her players are volleyball activity members. Any games played by an ineligible player will be subject to forfeiture.

A team may request a verification of opposing team member eligibility by requesting a LMRA Volleyball Activity card and a picture ID. Then, for official roster information, contact the LMRA volleyball commissioner.

3.0 Match Rules

A legal team constitutes at least 5 players for COED league with no more than 3 males.
A legal team constitutes at least 3 players for QUAD league with no more than 2 males.
A legal team constitutes at least 2 players for TRIPLES league.

A match shall consist of three games to 21 points for 1 hour matches or 25 points for greater than 1 hour matches. A team must win by 2 points so play will continue past these scores until one team has a 2 point advantage. Rally scoring will be used. There is no time limit imposed on games.

First game forfeiture will occur if the opposing team is not ready to play with a legal team 10 minutes past the scheduled match time. Second and third game forfeiture will occur 15 minutes past the scheduled match time. The earliest cell phone time available will be used if there is disagreement on the time.

The players will agree on the ball to be used during play. If players cannot decide on a ball prior to match time, it is the referee's prerogative to select.

A 5-minute warm-up time will be allotted prior to the first game of a match. No warming up with a ball in the court vicinity will be permitted while a match is in progress.

At the conclusion of a match, both teams are responsible for verifying the game scores were recorded accurately.

4.0 Officials

One referee is to be provided by the team designated to referee the match.

Should the referee judge that he/she has made a call by mistake, thereby interrupting play, the point shall be replayed.

When the ball is dead, only the team captain may ask for explanations regarding the referee's call.

The scheduled team failing to show up to referee will be penalized one loss for each game (not match) that there is no referee present.

5.0 Service

To commence play, the referee will toss a coin (or have one captain choose odd, even, or, the preffered method, Rock, Paper, Scissors) with the winner granted choice of side or serve preference for the first game. If the winning team picks side the other team may choose to serve or receive. If the winning team picks to serve or receive, the other team may choose side. The teams shall alternate side and service on subsequent games in league play. During the game, the teams will switch sides depending on combined score: switch on total of 10 points for games to 21 or 25 points.

It is the opposing team's responsibility to ensure the correct server is about to serve. An incorrect server will result in a side out for that service. It is not retroactive on previously scored points by the incorrect server.

Service Zone: The service area includes the full width of the 9-meter area behind the end line.

Net Serve: A serve that contacts the net is legal.

Service order must rotate between players.

* TRIPLES and QUADS Only *
Players do not have to rotate positions on the court.

*** See the USA Volleyball rulebook for specific playing rules ***

6.0 Ball Contact

The ball may touch any part of the body, provided that the contact takes place simultaneously. The ball must be hit, not caught or thrown.

A double hit on the first ball is allowed as long as it is one attempt to play the ball. A held or lifted ball is still illegal, no matter when it occurs.

A player is not allowed to attack the ball on the opponent's side of the net. However, if the ball is contacted above the attacker's side of the net and the follow through caused the attacker's hand and arm to cross the net, without touching an opponent or the net, such action does not constitute a fault.

Blocking is the action, which occurs close to the net, that deflects the ball coming from the opponent's side. This deflection may occur by contact with the ball before it crosses the net, as it crosses the net, or immediately after it has crossed the net. The block does not count as one of the team's three hits.

* COED Only *
If two or more team contacts are made, a female player must have made one ball contact.

* TRIPLES and QUADS Only *
Open hand dinks are not legal.
Oversets on first or second contact are not legal. (The ball can be handset over the net on the third hit only)

*** See the USA Volleyball rulebook for specific playing rules ***

7.0 Net Play

Touching the opponent's court with a foot or feet is not a fault, providing the player does not interfere with an opponent.

It is a fault to touch any part of the net, except for incidental contact by a player's hair and insignificant contact by a player not involved in the action of playing the ball.

*** See the USA Volleyball rulebook for specific playing rules ***

8.0 Player Conduct

The referee shall have the power to impose a penalty (point) to an offending player who:

Two such instances of this conduct by the same player in a single game will result in ejection for the remainder of the game. The LMRA volleyball commissioner shall use input from the head referee to determine suitable action.

Continuous infractions (not necessarily all on the same night) may result in any of the following actions:

Physical contact with the intent to harm any referee, league participant, or member of LMRA staff shall result in immediate disqualification of at least one year from all LMRA Volleyball activities (indoor, grass, and sand events).

Teams that continuously forfeit or fail to referee may be prohibited from entering in subsequent leagues.

9.0 Playoffs

Playoff eligibility is based on the team's winning percentage at the conclusion of regular season play. The sand director will resolve ties in a fair and equitable manner.

The sand director will determine the number of teams to qualify from the respective leagues.

A player must have competed in at least two regular season matches to be eligible for the playoffs.

Prizes for league play and playoffs will be limited to 4 prizes for a triples team, 6 prizes for a quad team, and 9 prizes for a six person team. The prizes will not exceed the number of players on the roster.

Playoff matches will consist of best two-out-of-three games to 25 points. A coin flip (or Rock, Paper, Scissors) will be utilized in deciding the serving team if a third game is necessary.

10.0 Rain-out Policy

It is up to the two team captains to decide if conditions are unfavorable for play.

The vball courts will not be damaged by playing on them even in flooded conditions. The Fitness Center does not cancel sand league games, so do not call the front desk. The volleyball commissioner and league coordinator can not determine when an individual would be inconvenienced to play. Therefore it is up to the team captain to determine if their team will not be playing and to contact the other team captain and the officiating team to inform everyone there will not be a match. If a team decides they will not be playing a scheduled match and they have an officiating duty that night, they should make every effort to provide a ref or contact the captains of the other teams that they will not be available to officiate. Every effort should be made to provide this information as early as possible.

No team will be required to play if there is lightning within 5 miles of the courts. The volleyball club encourages teams to call matches when thunder can be heard in the area.

Any games completed will count toward the standings. Any game not completed will be started from the last score if it is continued that same day. Any game not completed will be started from the beginning (0 to 0) if it is played at a later date.