The Dark Side of Shakespeare (A Trilogy by W. Ron Hess)
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Here are a few interesting/useful Shakespeare-related sites (note that in return for reciprocation, I'll be happy to add your site here):
a) The Oxfordian at
b) The Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter (SOS News.) at or
c) Selections from The Elizabethan Review at
d.1) Selections from Shakespeare Matters (Sh. Matters) via
d.2) The Shakespeare Fellowship's "Beyond A Doubt" Response
e) Nina Green's extremely valuable Oxfordian site
f)  The home site of Oxfordians in Merry Olde Englande
g)  Joe Sobran's collection of Oxfordian articles
h)  Mark Alexander's Sh. Authorship Sourcebook
i)  An honest-to-God "Derbyite" site
j)  Prof. Alan Nelson's very useful but biased site
k)  Irvin Matus' webpage    
l) Perhaps the most info-packed Tudor history site of all
m)  Literary Critic Tom Veal (attacks Sobran, Price, & Hess)
n) The very useful orthodox Shakespeare history page at
o)  Another 
p)  Another
q)  Another with lists of Elizn authors
r)  Another with lists of Elizn publications

The Dark Side of Shakespeare (a Trilogy by W. Ron Hess)