My friend, Al Passy, has published the first Sephardic Folk Dictionary.  It contains translations from English to Ladino and Ladino to English.  In addition it includes words and phrases from Hebrew, Turkish, Italian, French and Greek that have entered the Ladino language.

Here are some samples from it:

ABÁSHO (L) below, abashár abásho   = to go down . Los de abásho =   the departed, the dead. Tódo sta de arríva abásho=  everything is  upside   down.
ABASTÁDO (P) almighty   omni- potent referring to God
MA (I)  but,   why
MAALÈ (T)     street,  Turkish   quarters, neighborhood. Maalé   yahudí  =Jewish quarters
MAARÁV  (H)    west
MAASE   (H)      story,   event Kontar un maasè=tell a story
MABÙL (H)     deluge, downpour,   torrent.  No kyerro tanto, me   dátes mabul=  I don't want so   much, you gave me plenty
MACHARÁ (LT)   spool of thread

Al has used the common pronounciation of Ladino words which often differe from the proper Turkish or Hebrew pronounciations

The cost of the Sephardic Folk Dictionary is: $29 (plus $3 p & h),  Foreign, please add $4
To order, please contact Al Passy at: