1 Scarf's and Sheer Clamps

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Laying out panels for gluing the scarf joints

  • Made a 2ft X 19ft workbench with 4 saw horses and 1/2 in plywood
  • Side and bottom sections are laid out in preparation to glue the scarfs
  • String is stretched the entire length of the workbench as a guide
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Gluing a scarf joint, covered with plastic and clamped

  • Used epoxy thickened with Cab-O-Sil for the glue
  • Stapled panels to workbench leaving room to lift scarfs when applying glue
  • Covered the joint with plastic sheet
  • Clamped the joint to workbench under a wood block
  • Used this same procedure for side panels, bottom panels and sheer clamps
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After gluing a scarf joint

  • Residue from glue overflowing the joint
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After Sanding a scarf joint

  • Used 100 grit paper and a 5 in orbital sander To remove glue residue
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Gluing the sheer clamps

  • Marked a 5/16 in line on the shear clamp to extend above the side panel
  • Used epoxy thickened with Cab-O-Sil for the glue
  • Held sheer clamp in place with 2 in spring clamps placed at 4 in intervals
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Wiring the ends of the sides together at the bow and stern

  • Placed a 20 in spacer at the widest point in the beam
  • Wired the side walls together at the bow and stern
  • Used a string  stretched from bow to stern to mark the sheer clamp bevel
  • Cut the bevel with a hand pull saw
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Sheer clamps at bow after beveling

1 Scarf and Sheer
5 Hull Glassing
  9 Finishing
2 Hull Wiring
6 Rear Deck
10 Outfitting
3 Inside Fillets
7  Front Deck
11 Launching
4 Outside Fillets
8 Coaming
12 Logbook

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