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   In a highly changing health care environment, the core of the hospital is patient care and the core of the core is the practice of the nurses who are with patients on a 24 hour basis. Whether the hospital finds itself in a time of strong or lean financial resources or a time of nursing shortage or surplus, the key question is whether, in this era of highly acute patients, there are nurses who have an excellence of practice that can directly affect how a patient progresses to discharge and reduce unnecessary recidivism.

   Based on over 20 years of continuing research on nursing practice and skill acquisition by Patricia Benner, Benner Associates brings to hospitals and their nursing divisions, a plan and process to put in place a set of solutions to many of the problems facing nursing in the current environment.

   Working through the renewal of the clinical practice development system in the hospital, this approach and methodology focuses on nursing practice and on recognizing, rewarding, and enhancing the practice and the practitioner.

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