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Civia Halsted - Highly functional "cycle trucks" have been omnipresent in NYC for decades.

The originals are heavy and clumsey but durable delivery vehicles for pizza shops, drug stores and corner markets. Those are similar to the Civia Halsted in looks and purpose only. Using modern frame materials, disc brakes and great components, the Civia is light, easy to manuever and way more fun to ride. And here is a huge bonus, we have fitted a high quality, 600 watt assist motor and lithium battery to power up and down Main street, from the harbor to the grocery store, with ease. You can park your car from April to November.












Soma Buena Vista - This beautiful "mixte" (or unisex) replica has been in our store window for a few months, so it is about time to add it to the recent builds page. The Buena Vista frame is a modern re-creation of a French design that was popular during the 1970's bike boom; thank goodness this great style was not lost to obscurity. The double butted, Tange Prestige steel frame is lighter and stronger than the originals ever could be, but otherwise this build remains faithful to the original utilitarian concept complete with SKS commuter fenders, an elegant yet rugged Soma Deco luggage rack and Nexus 8-speed premium rear hub. The angled alloy stem and graceful Sparrow handlebars promote a comfortable "sit-up and beg" riding position, but a sportier, dropped-bar cockpit and a derailleur-type drivetrain can be accommodated for your build.









Surly Big Dummy Electrified - Utilitarian Long/Cargo bike with Ecospeed mid-drive motor

Go to market and fill the huge side bags with groceries, pick the kids up at school, or do both in one trip! Loading is easy with the Xtracycle centerstand, big "Rubbermaid" bins can be supported by wideloader bars (not shown in the picture), or a passenger or two can sit on the padded seat and hold on to the passenger handlebar. No worries about the hills, the 750+ watt motor and 48 volt -15 Ah LiFeO battery provide power through an 8-speed Alfine rear hub. On the downhill side, hydraulic disc brakes easily bring you to a stop. Bumps are smoothed by the Roxshox adjustable suspension fork. This bike is currently for sale by its owner, check out our sale bike page.






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