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   Anyone who has frequented this sight in the past will  quickly notice that all the buttons under the the radicals have been removed (YouTube has dropped their support for Internet Explora 6, which Trellix  is bassed upon). From now on, just YouTube titles are posted below. Arfie has been added to the side for you to look up your own titlles. Just drag your cursor over your selection and right-click copy. Then click on Arfie's place  to access the search engine to look up your informa-tion and paste  your selection there. Click on the <Go Fetch> button to retrieve your video.access the search engine to look up your information and paste  your selection there. Click on the <Go Fetch> button to retrieve your video.

Rev. Billy's First Amendment
Sarah Jobe: Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Preaching Judges 19
Becky Garrison - Jesus Died For This?
Becky Garrison hangs out with Rev. Roger Williams
Becky Garrison on Evolving Church
Babylon - Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne
Jonny Baker - Jesus Died for This?
Becky Garrison Interview - The Ordinary Radicals
Sarah Jobe: Paraclete Press
Shane Claiborne: "Another Way of Doing Life"
New Monasticism: Project Turn
Simply Enough Trailer - Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo
Shane Claiborne Q&A #6: Politics
ThinkFwd: Becky Garrison-Mystics, Satirists and the Church
Shane Claiborne Litany - Catalyst
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove -  Brothers and Sisters Acros the Lines
Shane Claiborne Q&A #6: Politics
Brian McLaren - Navigating Through A New Kind of Christianity
Shane Claiborne "Best Sermon Ever" part 1
Shane Claiborne at the Emerging Leaders Dinner
Shane Claiborne "Best Sermon Ever" part 2
Brian McLaren Interview -The Ordinary Radicals
Shane Claiborne: Trail of Mourning and Truth
Economy of Love Trailer
Sarah Jobe: Summer Institute @ Duke Divinity School
Sarah Jobe: What do we do with the difficult texts
Rediscovering Christian Faith
Sarah Jobe: Preaching Environmental Awareness
Shane Claiborne-Fundamentalism
Shane Claiborne Interview - The Ordinary Radicals
Social-Justice-Christian - Brian McLaren
ThinkFWD - Shane Claiborne - Circus Theology
Follow Me to Freedom  by Shane Claiborne
Chris Seay ponders Q "Jesus Died For This?"
Shane Claiborne in Maryville, Tennessee
The New Monasticism In Durham's Walltown, A Covenate Community
The Effect of a 'Just War' - Shane Claiborne
SOA WATCH: Learn More About the Prisoners of Conscience
Brian McLaren: Q1 The Narrative Question
The New Monasticism In Durham's Walltown, A Covenate Community
Brian McLaren: Q2 The Authority Question
Irresistible Revolution Living as an Ordinary Radical
Brian McLaren: Q3: The God Question
Wall Street Money Drop With Shane Claiborne
Brian McLaren: Q4 - The Jesus Question
The Evolving Church: Kingdom Economy | April 10, 2010 in Toronto
Brian McLaren: Q5 - The Gospel Question
Shane Claiborne on Speaking to Mennonites
What Is Caesar's? Part 1: Shane Claiborne
New Monastic Shane Claiborne: Is it a Sin to be Rich?
Greenspace Workday With Shane Claiborne
Part5 (Section 2)  Brian McLaren Speaks at Spring Arbor
Sarah Jobe: Mass incarceration is one of the biggest problems
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