The Center for Applied Christianity
Why this webpage and
not some other?
      Back in 1998, my wife and I attended our first evangelism conference at the Vineyard Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was during that experience that we were first made aware of the behind the scenes revolution that was already in progress in the church. Upon our return to Jacksonville, I began to search the web for information on what was called back then, the postmodern church. It was while doing that research that I came across the website for the Visions group at St. Cuthberts  C of E Church in York, England.
       Then in 2000 we again returned to the Vineyard Church in Cincinnati for our third evangelism conference and were introduced to Brian McLaren and Leonard Sweet, two of the featured presenters at that conference and the rest, as they say, is history.
        This website was started in the beginning as a place to post links to places I discovered on the web so I could return to those sites when ever I wished. Since then better ways of keeping track of where you've been have come into being. Actually, my original purpose for starting this website is no longer operative. So two years ago, I was about to shut down this site when I received an e-mail from a seminarian, who shall remain anonymous, thanking me for creating this site. He implicated this website as helping him attain an A in one of his classes in seminary. Recently, I was informed by a new friend on facebook that his Abbot required that he check out this site. Since this is a free site provided for in my subscription to Earthlink, I will continue to leave it up on the web as long as it provides a service to the greater community. So enjoy your visit to the Center for Applied Christianity and come back often.
            I can be contacted on facebook and Twitter as well as Anglimergent and a whole host of other places on the web.