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Welcome to The Center for Applied Christianity! Since March of 1999, this site has been devoted to disseminating news about the emerging church's   Praxis-oriented, Christian lifestyle - an Incarnational Christianity - for the twenty-first century and fostering the Participatio Christi in the Missio Dei as expressed by Michael Frost in his video, Purpose of the Church.
                  The Center for Applied Christianity affirms that segment of the emergent church known as the “new monasticism” which is becoming more and more a new paradigm for being and doing church. This “new monasticism” traffics in subversion of the status quo. It embraces a countercultural identity as it seeks to be faithful to Jesus Christ in the shadow of the Empire. As church historian Adolf Harnack has said, “It was always the monks who saved the Church when sinking, emancipated her when becoming enslaved to the world, defended her when assailed. These it was that kindled hearts that were growing cold, bridled refractory spirits, recovered for the Church alienated nations.”
                  According to Scott Bessenecker, author of The New Friars, “It is one of God’s recurring dreams to raise up servants intent upon reaching those who have been impoverished materially, spiritually and emotionally — those people who have been forgotten, abused and rejected.” With that
statement in mind,  Scott Bessenecker is convinced that the worldwide church is about  to experience the emergence of a new renewal movement in which the divine dream is lived out.
                  Bessenecker calls this movement The New Friars. Akin to the monastic orders and missionary movements of the past, in which “radically motivated men and women moved to the fringe and pressed the church into the social and geographical edges ...” this new spiritual movement is characterized by individuals and communities who are radically living the Gospel among the poor and dispossessed. And I predict that today's emerging movement, with its outreach to the world's poor, powered by this new monasticism, will also bring renewal to the global church of the twenty-first century.
                   Much has happened in the emerging church during the time the 'Center' has been up on the web. There is much to catch up on and a lot to see in version 2013.0h! of my web page. So be prepared to be captivated by the missional church's kingdom vision as you explore what it would look like to have His Kingdom come and be here on earth as it is in heaven, even as the Church continues to wait to live  off-centered lives in a self-centered culture. Enjoy your visit and come back often. - Fr. Tom †, a pilgrim on a journey in search of the emerging church in these post 9/11 times.

(Also see  "Transcendence," the Ancient-Future Mass @ York Minster in York, UK)
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