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Updated 10/06/14 (October 6th, 2014)


After nearly 40 years, I've made the difficult decision to stop collecting beer cans
and now everything is up for sale ...

• Collectible Beer Cans For Sale:

Updated 10/06/14  Pics of my beer cans for sale -- I'm "BeerCans10K" on Picasa (Google)

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Updated 10/06/14  My stuff up for auction on eBay -- "beercans" on eBay since Feb-01-97

• Wish List(s):

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• United States Beer Cans For Sale:

Coors 12 oz cans -- both older commemoratives and new issues

Coors 16 oz -- older commemoratives and new issue cans

8 oz and odd size -- including 10, 12-1/4, and 15 oz cans

12 oz straight steel pull tab -- lots of bottom-opened cans

12 oz other steel -- crimped and drawn steel, pull and stay tab cans

12 oz aluminum -- including NASCAR, & Harley-Davidson cans

12 oz aluminum wide mouth -- new issue cans listed

12 oz tall -- Schlitz and Stroh's products and many more

16 oz aluminum -- cans from the "ABC" book

16 oz aluminum wide mouth -- more new issues

24 oz -- including banned cans with caffeine, many A-B, Miller and others

Keystone LIGHT, "UNSMOOTH MOMENTS" from 4 different years

Michelob golf / ski set cans

gallon and 5L cans

• "Foreign" (Non-US) Beer Cans For Sale:

Canadian -- all sizes including pints and "oil cans", (some sports cans)

Dutch -- both 33 cl and 0,5l (pint) cans

Mexican -- steel and aluminum cans, (many commemoratives and sports cans)

South African -- mostly LION LAGER picture cans, (14-can set)

foreign little -- England (9-2/3 oz) and others from Japan, mostly

foreign -- almost 12 other different countries

foreign 0,5l (pint) -- including many English cans with "Widgets"

foreign big -- German gallon and 5L cans

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Warren Jokinen -- Beer Can Collector

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