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Chango Feo

FBMT composer Lenny Gonzalez created Chango Feo to explore electronic music, sound and digital media.

He got his start in the mid 90's melding guitar, electronics and percussion as a founding member of the San Francisco music and performance group XSX.

For seven years, he served as the resident composer for San Francisco's Flesh & Blood Mystery Theater while developing a reputation among performing artists as a composer and sound designer for butoh and has since performed his compositions with many other both traditional and non-traditional butoh artists including Japan's Abe "M" Aria.

Today he resides in Austin and has just released the latest Chango Feo CD entitled Alaska on Hive Records

Flesh & Blood Mystery Theater

You can check out his website here: Chango Feo

Meantime, here's a sample of Chango Feo's music available for download. Enjoy!

You can download more of Chango Feo for free at Entity Records. Go to the music page and scroll down to Chango Feo. Or go right to this Archive Site.