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All material © 2000 © 2006 Bob DeNatale/FBMT

The Kazuo Ono class notes are from:
Butoh: Shades of Darkness, Jean Viala and Nourit Masson-Sekine, © 1988 Jean Viala and Nurit Masson-Sekine. Tokyo, Japan

The Hijikata quotes were taken from that book and:
Hijikata Tatsumi: Three decades of Butoh Experimentation. © 1993 Hijikata Tatsumi Memorial Archive: Asbestos-Kan and Yushi-Sha Co., Ltd. Japan

Chango Feo music sample © 2000 Chango Feo

Photos of Hijikata, Ono, Akiko Motofuji, and Sankai Juku are taken from various sources.

Original photos of Bob in the coccoon are by Kent Taylor. Photo manipulations by Bob.

Auguries of Innocence (silhouette) photo by Allison Moore

Past FBMT members included in the photos are:
Lotus Dance (photos 4-7): Angela Anderson, Seth Eisen
Eleusis (photo 9): Gillian Chadsey, Jackie Basson, Itai De medina

Thanks to all who have danced with us over the years.

Bob DeNatale:

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