Flesh & Blood Mystery Theater

Artistic Director Bob DeNatale formed Flesh & Blood Mystery Theater in 1992 to explore the presence of the body in public ritual.


Bob's main collaborator since 1995 has been composer and multi-instrumentalist Lenny Gonzalez. Co-founder with Bob of the notorious XSX, Lenny creates an aural landscape of mystery and strangely seductive forebodings. Check out his solo project Chango Feo

FBMT's earliest productions grew out of a series of performances tracing the history of esoteric western spiritual traditions, exploring themes such as the imagery of the Tarot, the legend of Parzival, Gnostic scripture, and Greek myths.

This led to a phase doing more experimental ritual performances, attempting to fuse the accomplishment of personal transformation with compelling performance. It became clear that this required a new type of performance rooted in spontaneous, unrehearsed improvisations. Which gave rise to the problem of how to improvise as a group in a way that is compelling and meaningful for an audience.

In our most recents performances, we've focused on dance as the interaction of energy, in a state of non-intention.

FBMT has performed at the Festival of Bay Area Dance at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Seattle Butoh Festival, the Northwest Butoh Festival, Noh Space, the Jon SIms Center for the Arts, 848 Community Space, KOMOTION International, and numerous local theaters and underground venues.

We are beings of light. The world is is an illusion. What are we going to do with this information?



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