FULL CDs: Blower Explosion
1998 Skunk Records. 17-song full length CD from Del Noah! Cover art by Shag. $12 with postage. CD only.
Tracks: Blower Explosion, Del Noah, The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow, Chicken, Danger Island, Sasquatch on a Snowmobile, Theme From "The Big Payroll Caper", Mormon Cycle Poker Run, Bajavishnu 500, Spinout, Re-Satch-A-Go-Go, The Lively Set, Mafia Staff Woody, Amish Drag Buggy, The Man with the Golden Shifter, Hole Shot, The Enchanted Dragstrip


The Big Sounds of Del Noah and the Mt. Ararat Finks
1994 Dionysus Records. F
our song 7" EP done by the original Del Noah lineup and released on the great Dionysus label. Featuring "Amish Drag Buggy," "Spinout," "Hole Shot" and "The Wire Wheel Set" sandwiched between drag racing sound bites. On red vinyl, with cover art by Shag. Available from Dionysus Records or $4 with postage. 7" vinyl.

Tracks: Amish Drag Buggy, Spinout, Hole Shot, The Wire Wheel Set


Shots in the Dark
1995 Del Fi Records. Tribute to Henry Mancini features Del Noah doing their interpretation of "Push the Button Max!" from the movie The Great Race. CD and 12" pink vinyl. Skunk Sampler 1997. CD only.
Hey Brother 2...Can You Spare Some
1997. Vegas Records Features a version of "The Man with the Golden Arm" (not on Del Noah CD). CD only.
Hot Rods to Hell Vol. II
1998. Blood Red Vinyl Del Noah does Mike Curb's theme song from the ABC cartoon "Hot Wheels." Many other cool hot rod tunes by bands such as the Neptunas, Boss Martians, Davie Allen, Surf Trio, etc. CD and 12" vinyl.

Seasonal Favorites
Double Crown Records', released November 2000. Del Noah does "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" mixed in an spiced rum egg-nog blender with the Ventures' "Perfidia." Collectors of "mistake" printings take note: Del Noah billed as "Del Noah & the Finks" on the tray card. Guaranteed to be a collectible!

Chinese Checkers
2001. Wildebeest Records' Booker T. and the M.G.s tribute. Del Noah does "Hip Hug-Her."



Skunk Spring 1997 Sampler
(Cassette Only). Del Noah cuts "Blower Explosion," "Mafia Staff Woody" (live at the Sugar Bar in Hawaii) and "Tequila/Too Much Tequila" (all three unavailable anywhere else).

Skunk Fall 1997 Sampler
(CD Only). Del Noah cuts "The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow" and "Chicken" (both on Blower Explosion CD).
Skunk Spring 1998 Sampler
(CD Only). Del Noah cuts "Theme From the Big Payroll Caper" and "Hole Shot" (both on Blower Explosion CD).

Skunk Fall 1998 Sampler
(CD Only). Del Noah cuts "Bajavishnu 500" and "Resatch-a-Go-Go" (live on KXLU's Surfwave), and Henry Mancini's "Mr. Lucky" (unavailable anywhere else)

Skunk Spring 1999 Sampler
(CD Only). Del Noah cuts "Del Noah" (from Blower Explosion CD) and "Little Drummer Boy the Ripper" (unavailable anywhere else).



Uses major portions of "Hole Shot," Resatch a Go Go" and "Mafia Staff Woody" as background music behind the antics of Rodney Dangerfield, Dom DeLuise and Kevin McDonald (also Lou Ferrigno, Joey Buttafuoco and veteran character actor Irwin Keyes are in the cast).

Sublime: Stories, Lies & Exaggerations
Brief clip of Del Noah live in Santa Cruz at Palookaville.

A Del Noah song is used in the background of a scene from this unreleased film by Nick LoCasale about Hollywood runaways, which premiered in May 2000 but has not yet been fully released.



"Board Wild" (1999)
"Re-Satch-a-Go-Go" was used in the background on this extreme sports show broadcast on Fox Sports Net, Madison Square Garden Network and Sunshine Network.

"Fox NFL Pre-Game Show" (1999)
A whopping 7 seconds of "Hole Shot" was used in the background of this show.

"Kids in the Way" (1997)
"Chicken" was used as the music for a segment about extreme bicyclists in England, in this ESPN2 show.

"Poorman's Bikini Beach" (1999?)
Del Noah songs were featured in this local Los Angeles show which aired on KHJ Channel 9 on Saturday nights.

Unknown Title - Surf/Cycling videos
Del Noah songs were used in several other extreme sports shows and videos, titles not available to us.