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First Del Noah and the Mt. Ararat Finks gig at Bogart's Long Beach, 1992, with Moon masks in full effect (show with Untamed Youth, Insect Surfers & Sliders).
(L-R) Vince (sax), Brent (guitar), Jeff aka Floyd (drums), Steeve (bass).

Same 1992 gig with a closer shot of the Moon mask on Brent, Vince partially cut off by camera(Paul Carey of the Witchdoctors--front and center--gets the maximum "face time" on this shot).

Al's Bar 1992 - three piece lineup (show with Bomboras, Sliders and Boardwalkers).
(L-R) Steeve, Jeff (Floyd), Brent.

1994 shots with Jeff's mid-60's slingshot chassis (pre-restoration) with the original "Big Sounds" lineup (photos by Sandi Sullivan).
(L-R): Steeve, Vince, Brent, Jeff (in cockpit).

More stupid 1994 gag shots with Jeff's dragster, including 1) the Bobby Fuller Four ripoff, 2) the token stupid instrument pose (with Don Prudhomme's Wynns Winder model), and 3) the requisite tapping beer out of the Moon Tank routine.

January 1996 Andy Takakjian photos with the second line-up.
Top: Brent (gtr), Blair (bass); Bottom, Mudd (drums), Vince (sax).

Vince's attempts to use visual aids to teach the changes on Art Pepper's "Red Car" fall on deaf ears.

Andy T. uses film noir lighting to bring out the ugly underbelly of the "Push the Button Max" lineup.

Every band's gotta do one of these "four-sided" poses. Here's ours.

Vince, Mudd, Brent, Blair play outside the Huntington Beach Surf Museum in Summer 1996. (Trivia Dept.: formerly the legendary Safari Sam's, where Vince used to headline with El Grupo Sexo, and Brent and Blair got to open for the Minutemen and Mojo Nixon in their hillbilly combo the Baker Brothers circa 1985).

Hangin' with Don Ho before his show in December 1996, with the third Del Noah lineup. (Eric and Vince got to jam with Don during his set.)
Top: Eric (bass), Blair (now keys & rhythm gtr), Don, Mudd (drums); Bottom: Vince (sax), Brent (gtr).

Honolulu gig December 1996. Blair, Mudd, Eric, Vince (obscured), Brent.

Foothill January 18, 1997, playing Mafia Staff Woody (note Mandolin-Guitar "double-neck"). (gig with the Ziggens and Mr. Mirainga).
(L-R): Blair, Mudd, Vince, Brent, Eric (with the "skateboard" bass).

Ensenada, Mexico artist's loft gig 1997. Local Ensenada punkers slam-danced while Mudd and Brent played on.

Party at Jimbo's house on Long Beach Penninsula, Fourth of July 1997.

Outside the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific, April 1999.

Link to a Photo Page of a Del Noah Foothill show, May 27, 1999